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It took a while but I just acquired the Rock River Arms AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms Operator 2 Weapon

Added: Wednesday, July 13th 2011 at 2:43pm by abesummers23
In addition to amplified production by established AR15 vendors, every rifle manufacturer that has a heartbeat seems to be crafting some model of an AR-15 now. 50 % of those rifles are direct-impingement types with the same solid design envisioned by Eugene Stoner when it was first introduced more than 40 years ago.

Rock River Arms was launched 11 years ago by two brothers, Mark and Chuck Larson, who worked out of a garage. It has grown progressively ever since as well as today employs more than ninety folks. Even though Rock River produces guns for various federal agencies, the actual bulk of their product sales are to the civilian marketplace. Rock River Arms offers fifty or so designs of rifles, however customers can make up their own configurations, making use of countless components alternatives - sights, rails, stocks, barrel length and contour, and more. Rock River will also include add-ons like flashlights and red dot sights. Rock River Arms is like an a la carte workshop for guns. Rock River doesn’t make numerous parts on site. Rock River designs and specifications components, then receive them, perform inspections, finish them, assemble them into weapons and ship them out. The RRA factory is complete with a buffing and blasting room, where raw forgings become completed parts. Rock RiverArms is truly a family small business with the brothers Chuck and Mark Larson as well as their father and one of their sons working at the plant. Looking about the factory there were many boxes of rifle carrier groups, essentially the bolts of the rifles. Rock River Arms offers an almost countless number of chambering options for the basic AR platform. Once you own a lower half which consists of the stock and receiver, you can purchase upper halves (barrel, carrier group, and gas system) in all kinds of chambering and interchange them freely. There's even a company that offers a .410 shotgun upper half for the AR15 rifle.

Components are measured throughout the production stage. Components are tested for hardness. After testing is complete the come together at the respective assembly stations. Care is taken with every step of the upper and lower assemblies. Uppers are matched with various barrels and lowers are assembles usually are assembled with National Match triggers at 4 lbs and various stock combinations.

All rifles are built to customers specifications and each lower and upper is unique

The shipping area is a flurry of activity. Parts coming in and rifles going out. A literal symphony in action as the Rock River arms factory pushes in raw components destined to become full rifles. Oddly enough, there seems to be no end in sight as the operation continues day after day.

Every rifle is sighted in and test fired before it leaves the factory. The Rock River Arms finisher loads the magazines prior to every rifle test fire. Using a fast bench loading tool, the finisher snaps 20-30 rounds into a magazine in an instant.

Several times a day, assemblers and rifle testers load the Rock River van with weapons and take them away to the range. Shooting from the back of the van, every rifle with sights is sighted in, and then test-fired for function. Testers shoot at least two magazines through the fully automatic guns. Who says semi automatics aren’t accurate? With barrels provided by Wilson Barrel, the main attraction of Rock River Arms rifles is that they shoot far better than marketed.

Thanks to Rock River Arms AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms light-weight, it is simple and easy to carry around and the Rock River Arms AR-15 AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms is even much simpler to fire. Crafted with completely top-grade materials and produced to the strictest specs, this Rock River Arms AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms Operator 2 is very accurate, sturdy, and dependable, and makes a beneficial addition to any rifle collection.

The Rock River Arms Tactical Rifle AR-15 BB2522 Operator 2 rifle includes a Rock River Arms winter trigger guard and the ERGO Sure Grip. While I prefer a hard pistol grip, I have long recommended use of pistol grips such as the ERGO that add a little material to the backstrap of the rifle. Standard AR pistol grips are too small for anyone who do not have child-size hands, and they encourage poor shooting technique by positioning the second joint of the finger on the trigger. Replacement grips such as the ERGO correct that problem. The rifles are furnished with the RRA Star safety/selector, which sticks out a bit more from the receiver than a mil-spec safety. It is not ambidextrous. The safety performed just like it should, but I like the appearance of the mil-spec design better probably because its what I'm accustomed to. When I first acquired the Operator and tried out the trigger, I was really shocked. As a general rule, production line triggers on AR-15s are terrible. Not so theOperator trigger. Its crisp, light, two-stage trigger that breaks right at 4 lbs -not what I was expecting at all. This was prior to I realized that all the Operator rifles come equipped with Rock River Arms well-respected two-stage National Match trigger system, which features a lightened hammer.

Load Muzzle Velocity (fps) Standard Deviation (fps) Group Size (in.), Black Hills 55-gr. SP 2,910 12 0.99, Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 2,880 16 0.87, American Eagle 55-gr. FMJ 2,810 24 1.05, Black Hills Match King 69-gr. HP 2,780 21 1.03, Hornady 55-gr. V-Max 2,935 13 1.11, Black Hills 52-gr. HP 3,042 18 1.12

Notes: Accuracy results are the averages of four five-shot groups at 100 yards from a sandbag rest. Velocities are averages of three shots measured with an F-1 Alpha chronograph 12 feet from the muzzle. Abbreviations: FMJ, full metal jacket; HP, hollowpoint; SP, softpoint.

It is easy to get great groups from a average rifle if it has a great trigger, but put a tack-driver with a gritty eight-pound trigger in anybody's hands, and they will be lucky to stay on paper. The Rock River Arms Operator rifles are not just inherently accurate (that's one plus to the AR design), they are equipped with quality triggers that enable the user to get the most out of them.

Most dealers in my area desired retail plus which did not set well with my budget. I purchased my Operator from Class 3 Weapons in Houston Texas at a appreciable savings of only $969.00 which included shipping.

A tactical rifle buyers dream come true, the Rock River Arms AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms Operator 2 Rifle,Bushmaster Basic Folder ACR,Patriot Ordnance Factory,Bushmaster

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