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Daring to be Great!! Part I...695 Hoops Middle School Showcase...Showing Girls with game!!

Added: Saturday, September 21st 2013 at 5:04pm by AACounty-695hoops
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On Friday the 13th of September at the Institute of Notre Dame in East Baltimore Maryland I got a chance to see something that just warmed my heart.   Fifty-Two 7th and 8th Grade Girls took to the Basketball Court to show a collection of Coaches and Parents that "They had Game"!!

7th Graders

8th Graders

This was the annual 695Hoops Middle School Showcase where talented young ladies get a chance to be in the spotlight and show folks what they can do with that little round ball.

This event is heavily supported by local Private and Public Schools as a future Candice Parker or Lisa Lesley could pop up at anytime.  And I tell you what....there were some awesome kids in attendance.

But it was not just about shooting a Basketball....there was also a conditioning and training session conducted by Coach Steve Franklin, one of the few Certified Trainers in the 695 region.

(Coach Franklin preparing the Players)

Coach Franklin worked out all 52 kids, showing them some important drills and techniques as well as stretching and conditioning drills in order to prepare them to play some very competitive Basketball latter that evening.

The players were divided into two teams per age group....one Black and one White...and each player was allowed to get on the court and do their thing.  

(Thats yours truly sitting behind the 8th Grade Black Team Bench)

The Black Team won both games...the 7th and 8th grade....and there were some unbelieveable talents.  Like 7th grader Janiah Henson:

This young lady was awesome.  She glided up and down the court scoring inside and out....shooting jump shots from High School three point range and she is only in the 7th grade....she was really something to see.

And then there was Jayla Galbreath, at 4'6" the smallest player out there:

She played like she was 6 foot tall....stealing the ball from bigger players and then taking them to the hoop...over and over again.  And again she is only in the 7th grade!!

But the evening belonged to the 8th graders....and you keep these two names in mind....for you will be hearing them again some time in the future...Markayla Pippen and Hannah Franklin:

People, these are two very talented young ladies.  Pippen scored 24 points and blocked numerous shots and Franklin had 15 assists (not counting at least 3 others where the player missed the shot) as the 8th Grade Black team just dominated the 8th grade White Team.

All in all it was a fantastic night for 695hoops Basketball and all the young ladies involved.

Job well done!!





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Hi Amod; I am sure there will be a pillar in heaven with your "real" name on it. {#high_five.gif}

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