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Your About To Miss The Train to Truth

Added: Friday, September 24th 2021 at 7:07am by aKunaKumara

Hard to believe the reactions of some when I've spent 2years or more posting things as a truther that were part of the up coming TRUTH of the NEW WORLD ORDER we were about to move into...Sad people are so into thinking the beliefs they were told were the reality, by making us think we were free, when all around us is massive evidence that it was a lie and we all fell for being their slaves.

KEN your Dad is considered a useless feeder by the NWO of which your country  has installed full swing even in hospitals...(So am I due to age and I saw this with my 2wk hospitalization and trip to emergency room, they want to get all the big payments they can for as long as they can till our soul says ENOUGH!!! and leaves..........Covid is more depopulation and they will make sure of it by ventilating them and blowing their lungs thats why they get the beds and not your Dad)

To the several others Cancer is a great NWO money maker so rather than trying a cure (which exists and has been validated) they lead you on with false cures. And to the ones who insisist everyone need a Jab cause the NWO government says so have fun as they need you to promote their evil  NWO PLAN as your their patsy by selling your soul.... and the midwestern educational system is just a continuation to destroy gender mentality and destroy the future family as they manipulate human genetic structure to a new cyborg of AI alteration..... Wake Up--- read something of worth not put out by NWO / main stream media actors..not investigators.

The true information has been out their and your an ass if you don't read these truths cause they are what the world societies are becoming and it's been on it's way step by little step since the late 1800's when elitist bought the world bank so they could rule and control We The People with the economy.... don't think it's true read what they did to create the Great Depression in 20s 30s to get common man depending on them the government for survival

Sorry for my candor but this is a battle of human souls verses the Beast 666, and unless you intend selling yours for their price you better WAKE UP NOW AS THE TRAIN OF TRUTH IS PULLING OUT OF THE STATION AND YOUR ABOUT TO MISS IT

To clue you in most of the awakened only know the surface truth. Realty way worse


User Comments

You said it!

dislike being this blunt to people with so much emotion and problems but maybe something will hit home...

WELL SAID aKuna... 

Thanks hope a few will hear it.

You can hope, but I'm doubtful. 

Saying all this may be well said but I'm thinking the same people that read here day in and day out, will feel the same way they felt months ago.  No amount of words, till you're blue in the face, will change a person's choice.  The ones that got vaccinated or want to be, will get the jab.  The ones that refuse, will continue to refuse.  But you tried, Maggie and her husband tried, as well as a few others...its all you can do.

True people will believe as they do rather than investigate beyond their own ,,, they probably  even live the opposit of their belief and never see or at least not admit it.

Very true.

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