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Saying good-bye to Pinterest

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 10:58am by Zoey-Mae
Category: About Me

Last night I did something very drastic. I deleted all my boards, account info. and my account at Pinterest. 

I really loved the time I spent out there BUT... there were somethings that showed up over there that just... well lets just say, its the same reason I left Facebook. One revolting image and a load of Drama. 

I have come to the sad realization that the Scripture of the endtimes is coming to pass...

The love of most will grow cold, that what is right will be considered wrong and basically the idea of moral living will be turned upside down.

So, at least for now, I am happy to be here and Youtube and DeviantArt. Strange isn't it? To have less trouble with a place called Deviant than Pinterest... sad really!

But ya know what? The world can say what it wants, my heart will always belong to the Lord and my sense of kindness towards others and protection of the innocent will never change. And I have no problem with that. 

The Bible says you should Guard your heart. And even though I blocked a few people I was still getting notices in on my cell about that post and I could find now way to turn just those notices off with out killing my app and I realized that I needed a real break from over there anyway. I have enough drama in my life. And Drama kills the Creative Flow lol.

If I need inspired I go to Google and if I want to learn something I go to Youtube and if I need to share, I come here or DeviantArt. 

In saying all this, let me say too, Thank you all, Here! You have been my friends and supporters and I really enojoy coming here.  

User Comments

I'm not familar with Devian Art so will check it out. yes, all these places end up with a few that spoil it for others. 

Here is a link to my site over there... 


There is a lot of nasty stuff over there if you go looking for it but I stay within my circle of contacts and sometimes visit thier contacts- keeps me off the darkside lol. And they do sell your art for you if you want. :) And you can upgrade to a Pro status if you want and then you can do more with your stuff. :)

Oh I love annuals! plant them once and they are good for years. I'm a very lazy gardener. (too much stuff to spend lots of time like I want) Hope you got them in ok! :)

I was able to plant them however, the constant storms are "drowning " them now. I looked at Deviant Art- great work and site . Thanks

I have an account on Pinterest but rarely go on it, if ever.  I never interacted with anyone on there.  I can't even remember why I really opened an account there.  I didn't know you could delete the account.  Where do I go?  I think I'll delete mine as I never go anymore.

I'm glad you're here also.  I love reading your blogs!

I went into my boards 1st and deleted all of them 1st and I had close to a dozen of them. I then went into my account info and deleted all my info. Name, I replaced with X and removed everything else. I have bad memory but in the section where you can change your account info like you password, You can delete your account there. They will send you an Email to comfirm your account is closed and a pathway back it you want it. 

And you are one of the reasons I love being here. :)

Awww Zoey thank you so much for the compliment and thank you for that info on Pinterest.  I'll check that out tonight.  :)

Welcome! Welcome! :) lol

That was very nice there on your page. Sis. Zoey-Mae. I have learned that no matter what site your on for blogging, etc. There is always someone that wants to spoil it for all. But facebook is never a place I wanted to be. Bro. Doc

Thank you! And I can't imagine anyone wanting to spend time out there.

They do because they find pleasure in all that stuff. Bro. Doc

No, wonder Jesus said "Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do."

They are so blind to the reality of their actions. They think only in the moment, only of themselves and care nothing about anything or anyone else. 

Believe it or not Sis. Zoey-Mae they think what they are doing is helping people when it is not. For the most part Facebook is just a place to tell your yarns or gossip. And other things that now those that run things are tossing out the door. And Facebook has gotten so big, that I heard talk that they might break it into two companies. Bro. Doc


Thank you!

I go to pinterest to get ideas.   I don't even know how to interact with people there.  But I quit going to fb for the reasons you list.  Seems I can't have an opinion without being attacked.  But I agree with you about the times we're living in.  All these things were foretold.

Yup, our world is soo messed up. :) Glad you're over here! :)

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