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Quilting on the brain

Added: Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 7:34pm by Zoey-Mae
Category: About Me
Related Tags: quilting, quilts

So, I can't get quiting off my mind. It's not warming up much around here so quilting is still on my mind.

The one I'm making for my bed is the one I'm pondering. It will be a queen size with a ruffle and lace boarder. Butterflies in the nightsky through a window. Colors will be shades of blue, black and purple accents. Some of the prints have metalic gold on the edges. That's just the top lol.

On the otherside I have 3 ideas for:

1) Either a massive cluster of grapes made with different purple fabric patterns &/ or prints

2) A purple crazy quilt - all fabric/no bling. 

3) Something totally different altogether lol

If I go totally creative I may make shams to go with them. :) never one for doing it the easy way LOL.

Wanna hear something amusing? I bought my very 1st quilters magazine. It has three mini templates I can use with it... because of the packaging I didn't realize it was from the UK. all the talk in it is about London and the Shires!

Not a totally loss. I still got some great info and some useful templates but...for 14.99 + tax I still feel a bit cheated. lol They could have at least had pics of the Queen and her quilts in there or something like that! :) 

Oh well, life in the fast lane! ==================zip==== piddy do- dah!

Do-dah, Do-dah======crazy ladys sing this song====all the live long day! 

I dont know where that came from!    ROFLOL 

Nighters ya all! :)

User Comments

Happy quilting, Zoey-Mae :)

Thank you! :)

This is funny Sis. Zoey-Mae that you would need a quilting mag. when you do a wonderful job with your quilting. Maybe there would be something in it you can use. Bro. Doc

I'm thinking the templates may be useful. But that is if I go traditional and....well.... you know me... :) my creativity tends to go in its own direction. lol

You Sis. Zoey-Mae are a very creative lady. Things I see here on your blog that I thought would never work, seem to work out nicely. You have to remember that the templates are in meters not feet and inches. I am sure if I tried something like that I would be in a mess. I don't know meters at all. Bro. Doc

Thank you so much! I had never thought about them being in meters. Amazingly enough, these have no numbers on them at all. And the seam allowance is 3/4 of and inch. That is a standard seam allowance.  I did a little checking a its only been in the last 10-15 yrs that sewing machines have been made using the metric systems.

That is because they have all come from or for USA companies. As for your skills, everyone messes up when they are learning something new. it takes time to learn a skill. But that being said, each of us has been gifted for the task the Lord would have us do and they are many.

So can your machine do metric's Sis. Zoey-Mae? It would be so much easier of it can. Bro. Doc

Most machines r set up in inches. Mine r inches but if they weren't, there's a mathematical formula to use. I'm just glad I don't need too! :)

Yes that is true, because most machines for sewing were made here in the United States, and at one time were the biggest manufacter of clothes. Bro. Doc

welll you have got some very  good ideas  Zoe..! x

Thank you! We'll see what happens down the road. :)

I go through quilting phases every so often.   By the time I'm done with one... I am ready for a LONG break, lol.

I so get that! :) It gives your brain a real work out, even more so if you are on just a home machine.

Do what you do best and enjoy!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

My, those can be very profound words. I will endever to do so! lol :)

You can do this, lol!

As soon as I figure out what in the world I'm doing! Lol. I just gotta get the fabric out and start playing with it. That always helps. :) thanks for the encouraging words!

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