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Pause in Quilting

Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 9:00am by Zoey-Mae

There are few things that can tear me away from my quilting but my Grands are one LOL

I am making Halloween costumes for 2 of them right now so the quilt as been moved aside for my Grands. 

My Grands love to watch Walt Disney movies and one of there Favorites this time of year is Hocus Pocus. 

Now I know there are some folks do hate this day and have nothing good to say about it but I am of the mind that if its gonna be in my kids (of grands') face I'm gonna make the most out of it for the Good. 

Disney, in his Genius did the same and he does it so well you that you don't even know that its happening. This movie teaches that there is real Good and Evil in the world and that a kid dressing up as a witch in play is not the same as a real one that wants to take you way to something horrible. Dani is the to learn this, in this movie.This was the 1st lesson in the movie.

The second was less noticable. Never judge a person by their appearance. The guy with his lips sewn shut that comes out of the grave looking much like a Frankinstien's monster... is not evil and actually helps them on there way.

Boris Karloff was the 1st to create a feeling of sorrow and pitty for the monsters he played because he came from an area where people where shunned, hid away in an attic or aslyum for any deformity. His own mother was deaf and he saw 1st hand how cruel people could be. This was his driving force to make his movies.

Anyway, back to my grands. My grand daughter wants to dress up like the one of the mains in this movie. The little girl called Dani and her little brother, Zae, wants to go as another main character- Binx, the cat. 

I love making these costumes for my Grands, It's such joy and brings back so many memories of making them for my own kids.

Halloween is a wonderful time to teach kids the truth about good and evil and what really happens to a person after death in a way that is fun... as if that were possible. 

Hidding away from a problem or avoiding it because it is evil never makes it go way- but you can turn it for good and for the Glory of God with a bit of creativity. We are not ment to be cowards when faced with evil but to become warriors. You know... the whole Armor of God thing lol.

User Comments

In my perspective, there's nothing wrong with halloween.  When I first became a Christian, I still took myt children out on halloween, but as I grew more in my Christian Faith, I did less for halloween. 

It's now, we do not celebersate halloween, our door is locked, the porch light is left all, so our house is passed on halloween.  and we have no problems with teen vandelism on halloween, like it happens in larger towns. 

Enjoy making those costumes, and when they're finished let us know what they look like!!

I'll try and get some pics lol it's hard to hit a moving target though lol

Great blog! Enjoy the time with your grands as you make them those Halloween costumes.  Please post pictures when they are complete!  You know I love seeing your masterpieces :)

Thanks! I'll see if I can get some pics! :)

We are not ment to be cowards

True. Not one of us is meant to be a coward. See ya later...

Later MisterCox!


This is one of our family's favorite movies.   🎃

It has a wonderful cast. Bette Midler is on of my most favorite actresses and listening to her talk to that book with the eyeball is brillant! lol So funny! And you can tell she has way too much fun with it :)

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