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Updated with painting pic, New Story, New painting and a new form of art

Added: Tuesday, November 19th 2019 at 2:43pm by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: painting, art, watercolor

I have just about finished my latest Walter McMouse story and a new painting- its of Red Abby in Cork, Ireland. Red Abby is a national monument. It was built in the 14th century and all that is left of it, is the bell tower.. The painting is of what I think it might have looked like in the 14th century when it was being used as a monastery. The tower was built in Medieval Gothic style so that is how I painted the rest of the bulding. 

I'll be posting up my painting as soon as my cellphone is recharged LOL.

The story is about Walter and Gracey meeting for the 1st time. It's about how different two lifes can be, are even under the same roof and become friends. 

I have painted Walter before and have drawn him as a coloring page when I taught at the school, where my own children attended yrs ago. I have also made a few mice for my cat to play with (as ironic is as this lol) But I have never done felting before.

Felting is a little different than making a stuffed toy. You use felt batting and wind it around a wire frame or knoted batting then wrap with more felt. You also use felting pins to shape it, add colors and details. 

I have seen these on Pinterest and they look so real. I'm thinking of trying my hand at it, just for fun :) (as if I don't have enought art stuff to play with LOL) 

More things exciting things to come! Have a blessed night! 

* Update

PS. Here is the new painting. 

User Comments

Good Evening Sisr. Zoey-Mae, a very nice painting indeed. Have a good evening. Bro. Doc

Thank you! Keep me in prayer for the next day or so please I have some kind of stomack bug. Got sick at work and had to go home. I can't eat without it cramping. I may not be here for a while either. Just need to rest. 

Thank you again and God bless your day! :) 

Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, sorry too read that your sick. Father, I come right now asking that you will touch Your daughter, and You will heal her of this stomach problem. Make her ever whit whole from the top of her head too the soles of her feet, and we plead the blood of the Messiah around her, and we remind you satan that you have too go. We thank You Father, in Your Son's Name, Halleluyah! Bro. Doc

Thank you very much for your prayers! He heard them and I am feeling much better. Back to work and everything. :) 

I know for sure He hears prayers. If He didn't I would have been dead long ago. Take care. Bro. Doc

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