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Fall foods

Added: Friday, September 24th 2021 at 9:02pm by Zoey-Mae

I'm always sorry to see the end of summer but To make up for it there is Sooo many fall yummies to work with that I don't mind so much. 

Today, I'm gonna share some of my all time favs from my fall kitchen.

These are really simple and easy to make but have some favor profiles that maybe different then what you have tried. 

Rhubarb & Apple Sauce.

Now, you make this just like regular homemade apple sauce only it has some diced rhubarb in with it. 

Choose a sweet apple like a Red/Golden Delicious or Honey Crisp- you do not want a Granny Smith because the rhubarb is already very tart. Or Macintosh because sometimes they go grainy or mushy.  

If you have never used Rhubarb, it looks like red dense celery lol and you want to chop off 1/2 inch both ends than toss the ends. Clean well, just like celery. If you are cutting the stocks right from your garden like me, remember that only the stocks are safe to eat. Cut stocks into about inch long pieces. Peel, core and large dice apples. 

You want to use about 1 long stock of Rhubarb to every 2 apples but you can balance those how you want it. You can use cider, apple juice or water to cook your fruit. Just enough to cider to cover the fruit and then an inch more. Bring to a boil (think making mashed potatoes) 

Do not drain. As it cooks down add in brown sugar/ white sugar by the spoonsfull, Every batch is differnt because you are working with real fruit - Taste It with a clean spoon often. (Clean spoon very time because you have LOTS of natural sugar to grow germs- Yuck lol) cinnomon, nutmeg, Go in pinches with this because its Strong Stuff, same with the ginger- I use the dried powered like from McCormick.

If it goes too sweet add a teaspoon or two (thats the smaller measuring spoon if ur new to the kitchen) of lemon juice to bring back the ballance. The whole thing will thicken as the fruit cooks down. If the broth cooks away too fast, add more- juice you don't want soup but you want some to make it very moist and rich. 

Brake up the Rhubarb as it softens so its not noticable if your fixing it for kids  that never had it before- it hides the texture a bit. I like this kind of sauce well cooked with some apple chunks. The sugar and spices are up to your taste, you can't mess it up short of dumping too much spice in it. 

This is best served warm, and it's really good with very cold french vanilla ice cream. Red sugar sprinkles over the ice cream makes it look very kid friendly too!

This is a Katee origanal. I created it to introduce my kids to ruhbarb. - Big hit!!

This can be made ahead of time and reheated and also freezes really nice. Tomorrow, I will be posting another one of my fall faves to stay tuned!

User Comments

That sounds delicious.

It's something my family loves. When I was raising our kids we had a garden and it really helped out with feeding our big famly. Anytime I could cook something from the garden was awesome and the kids loved.

Sounds lovely.  Great that it freezes well too.

Yes, because one plant and can yeild a lot of stocks- it grows as big as a hosta! lol


:) Yup- yup! 

AWESOME recipes... Rhubarb is so neglected and seldom mentioned mainstream. My sisters often make various recipes using it. It's something they got from my mom. 

That was always a puzzlement to me. It's really easy to work with. Maybe its the time factor or a texture thing? It's different.

My mom made rhubarb into a sauce just by its self. My grandmother "went to town" with it. She made pies that were sometimes paired with strawberry or cherry.

She made jam and this stuff called Conserve which is like a cross between jam and jelly. You can actually find it in the store- they call it Spreadable Fruit and its sold with the jellies and jams.

I love cooking with older recipes. So much history with them. rhubard was easy to grow and is often found in Victory Gardens, like my Grandfather's.


My mom did the same, pies and jam, and she grew it. 

How awesome is that? :) What a joy to grow up with all those happy memories!

I got my love of gardening from my mom. And yes, a lot of happy memories. 

I got mine from my grandfather and my dad lol :) My very first garden was on the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley (my childhood back yard) and the earth had never been tilled. My dad had to turn it over for me the 1st time with an earth fork lol. 

Never ate rhubarb before but have always heard how delicious it is.

They carry it at Kroger. The stocks are a good 12-15 inches long and you only need a couple to cook one batch with. They generally, are very cheap in cost.

We don't have a Kroger's here any longer. I wonder if fruit stands or any other stores would carry that....

I don't know about stands- that is very possible but its so eay to grow at home, it not show up there. Check the produce dept at stores. It is common all over the world. Its been around for over 5,000 yrs. lol

I will check the next time I go to Target or Albertsons.

I have never tried this but it sounds good.

It's really good! Perfect for fall. You can serve it warm over angel food cake with Cool whip too! :)

Thank you.

You are very welcome!

Is that the stuff that looks like celery stalks...with a leafy top?

Yes. It has rich reddish green color and the stocks are long. In the store they seldom have the leaves 

This time of year you can make lots of things with fall produce. And the jellly or jam sounds good. Bro. Doc

I love cooking with apples this time of year the most!

What would be good soon is baked apple with something inside. Not sure what I would put inside at the moment. But it is nice to cook with apples this time of year. Bro. Doc

This will be the topic of my next post. 

I read that great post. Bro. Doc

Wow!  This is new to me!  Sounds really good!

I find it fun to try out new things and this is an easy one to try! Glad you stopped by!

Yes, rhubarb leaves are toxic in case anyone was thinking of adding them to a salad. {#basic-cool.gif}

Yes!!! DO NOT Eat those Nasty Poison Toxic Leaves!!! 

Thanks for posting this! :)

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