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fall farm pumpkin (w/pic)

Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 5:08pm by Zoey-Mae

Ok, enough of the serious stuff for awhile. lol back to Art :) recently I got some pumpkins and stuff for my grands. They love fall and we love to decorate for it too. I love to decorate for fall because its my last decor change till Christmas! LOL 

Anyway, living in a farming area we see a lot of beautiful countryside. And there is something wonderful about going to the local produce stand and getting home grown crops to eat. Unlike the stuff at Kroger, Sticks and Stones Produce is all grown here in Ohio- even the owner and employees LOL

That produce is picked ripe not green and then nuked or baked in some warehouse and shipped in from who knows where. God knew what He was doing when He created our food- why screw it up and ship it somewhere else? 

Anyway, here is a new fall painting of down on the farm!

Needs a bit of work... need some better paper but never the less a lot of fun.

User Comments

I think it looks great, needing work or not.  You're a natural!

Thank you very much!!! :) I found a couple of sheets of good paper in my art bag that I use when I do Plein Air painting :) Soooo the next one is gonna look awesome! I'm finally getting the shadows better. That part is what gives the painting depth and is a little on the tricky side to do.

Thank you for your encouraging words... they keep me going!!! ((((hugs)))

You're very welcome my friend ((( hugs ))).

Very cute!  I just love fall!  And farmland!

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