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All things Fall Apple!

Added: Sunday, September 26th 2021 at 10:05am by Zoey-Mae
Related Tags: apple, pie, food

One of the great things about living in Ohio is the fall apple season. And there are so many kinds to work with! I love Cortlands but the are often hard to find. I also love Honey Crisp and Pink Ladys.

If you like to bake them ,cook them just as they are in a conventional oven or Microwave just like a potato or you can remove the core and fill them with all kinds of goodness and bake them in an oven till soft and yummy! 

Fillings for baked apples are was wide as your imagination! Brown or white sugar, raisins and/or nuts. Small carmel candies (oooooo sooo good! lol). Some people use those tiny little cinnamon candys, that adds a real zing (not my thing but some like it)  One day I got desparate and used part of an envelope of instant oatmeal with maple & raisins with lots of butter lol. (making myself hungry now LOL) Just make sure you use some butter or margrine around the opening- this helps any dry items get good and cooked soft and moist. It also keeps the top of the apple opening moist. You can even wrap these guys in foil and toss them on the grill or campfire coals. 

What makes a good apple pie? You start out with a good crust. I learned that from my mom and grandma. They always used Crisco in the can, though my grandmother also used Spry or lard. She born in 1900 so she lived during WW2 and learned to use was avail. I'll just stick with Crisco here. Now you can get pre-made crust, but you are going that route- use the one by Pillsbury. You really get what you pay for!

So, for a standard pie you will need 2 crusts or one bottom crust and a bowl of yummy crumbs for the topping. You will also want apples that don't shrink during baking- see list above.

If you use Granny Smith or an other very tart apple you might need a bit of lemon juice to tame it. Or you can use more than one type of apple. You will want to coat your apples in a mix of sugar and cinnamon before you add it into the crustlined pan. Any other fruits or nuts you want to add to your filling you will want to add in with the sugar before it goes into the pan so you don't mess up the crust.

Yummy add ins are: crushed Walnuts, Pecans, raisins or new flavored raisins or diced dried cherries. I also like to try new spices and I have found a teaspoon of nutmeg and few dashes of ground ginger are really good! 

If you hate eating the "back crust" of the pie because somebody left it too thick, then just before you seal that top crust, brush the edge with a little raw egg that has been beated with a bit of water or milk. Lay the top crust on with care and use a fork to dipped in flour, and press it together all the way around , dipping in flour after every press so it presses out clean.

This gives you a wonderful seal with out the bulk. Brush the rest of that top crust with the egg and as my grandmother's recipe says- drench it in white sugar. Add a few slits and bake. That old orange covered Betty Crocker Cookbook is still around and it has great details to make this.

That egg & sugar on top is what gives it that beautiful glaze! That's not just an Amish thing lol. If you do a crumb top, you can add crushed nuts to it and other spices, this does not have to be bland either just remember that anything that goes on top - like raisins can burn, so if you want to use them cover top with foil till a few mins before pulling out of the oven- the top is to be toasted not burnt. It tastes better :)

So are ya all running for the frig now? LOL Enjoy! and feel free to share your cooking adventures with us too, in the comments below!



User Comments

Great tips!  Honey Crisp apples are my favorites. They truly live up to their name...sweet and crunchy.

They are really good! :)

Pie season... one of our favorite things about fall!

Yes! I'm thinking about making a Galette...  (pie with no pan) just for fun lol sounds rather easy.

Sound like Sis. Zoey-Mae you have lots to chose from.

Do you have Banana Apples there?

They look like banana's when they get the brown speckles on them.

They taste similar to a golden delicious apple but not as big, and not a juicy. But they are good. Bro. Doc

Never heard of them. We have Pear Apples though and sometimes grapes that taste like cotton candy. lol

I have had Pear/Apple and they are good. The Banana Apple is something that grows on its own. Sort of like a wild tree. 

Really doesn't need much care. Just a little spray for the bugs.

It is the color or a yellow apple with brown spots like banana gets.

You don't really see them in a grocery store. You would really find them in a farmers produce market.

I think not in the grocery store because they don't meet the standards of the FDA for the Grocery Store. Bro. Doc

I gained 5 lbs just reading all of the yummy

LOL ok the next post is for you! :)

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