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A Great day... working lol

Added: Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 7:34pm by Zoey-Mae
Category: About Me
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Was working at home and was so pleased to get so much done. I got a new Black and Decker cordless drill/screwdriver. 

I love really powertools! I'm the fix it person in my house and spending so much time with my dad and grandfather, I learned a LOT about tools. I love my new drill like I love my curling iron LOL! The right tool for the right job!

We just got a new window shelf/seat for my cat Gabby. She is getting up there in age so I wanted to make it more comfortable for her to sit in her favorite window. 

The one we found us solid wood and tool three scews with anchors. My husband found it online and it came while I was at work yesterday. So I got it up today.

I set her tree next to it. Its a barrel on its side with a half barrel, curved upward, covered in carpet. I used treats to train her how to go up her tree on to the new shelf. 

She got it 1st try with very little effort. My spoiled furbaby! LOL She loves it!

I also got my carport cleaned out and my yard decor out and my Grill! oh yeah! LOL Place is coming together for this summer! And did my grocery shoping! Busy day! But a Great day!

User Comments

sounds like you did well.....black and decker tools are expensive xx...!

This one wasn't too bad. I saved up for it and I didn't get the one with "Almighty tool kit" or the big "drill for building the Brookland Bridge" LOL just the right size drill for me. I'll use it a lot and when it comes to power tools there is a peace of mind knowing its not gonna break and hurt you that I love. :) Thanks! :)

Very busy day!  {#arrow_go.gif}{#arrow_go.gif}{#arrow_go.gif}

Slept good that night! LOL I'm off tomorrow so I'm hoping to get more done. :)

Good luck with that!  

Good Morning Sis. Zoe-Mae, your a very busy person there. Bro. Doc

Busy most of the time. Tomorrow I'm off so it will be busy too. I'll need a vaca soon. I have time coming so will see about that soon. :)

Good Morning Sis. Zoey-Mae, A vacation? Let me see if I remember what one of those are. Even if I try to take one, I end of preaching or teaching somewhere. Which is fine. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

Everybody needs a vacation, even you! :) Its Biblical! Even the earth gets a Sabbath Rest. At the rate you're going you would be needing a full blown Jubilee by now! LOL

Having a great day, praying for you to have a restful day to two soon. :)

The Sabbath is a day of rest because all I do is Teach and Preach. Thank you for praying for me. But you know, even if I was to take a vacation and go somewhere and was asked to preach or hold a revival, I would do it in a heartbeat. I never say no. Just like the last of April, I went to visit an Assembly on the Sabbath, as one of the Brothers, was preaching. I still ended up preaching. I feel when aske to preach somewhere it is because I am suppose too. But I enjoy things just as they are, and I wouldn't know how to act with a vacation anyway. Bro. Doc

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