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2 pics and a story ♥

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 8:54am by Zoey-Mae

Well, having been so inspired by my friends and the holiday, I have not one but 2 pictures and a story. The 1st picture is a painting I made as a card for my little Grand daughters in southern Ohio and the next goes with the story! :) 

Hope you have Fun and a Happy Valentine's Day! And feel free to share the stories and pics with your family and friends. 

The 1st painting that was sent south also got sent to everyone on my cellphone directory LOL the reactions were awesome! LOL 


This one is my Valentine for all of you here! and It goes with the story below!


Mousy and His Valentine. Klt (c) 2020


Walter McMouse looked out the window of Red Abby… tucked away in Cork, Ireland. It was raining and cold and was to stay that way for the next day or so. Nasty weather for a St. Valentine’s day that was to be all about warmth and love. He thought about Gracey. She still spent most of her time up in the bell tower walls, in her nest.


Maybe he could make her a Valentine. But where could a mouse find things to make a Valentine? After all he was just a wee bit, of a tiny mouse. Maybe he could run over to St. Mary’s School and see if he could find some bits of something over there.


But that meant going out in the rain. Hmm… if anyone was worth going out in the rain for it was Gracey. Gracey was a little Wren that lived in the bell tower. Walter could not stop thinking of her.


Up in the walls of the bell tower, Gracey was thinking of Walter too. She missed him and wanted to make a Valentine for him too. Gracey didn’t like the rain either. Like most bird’s she usually hid away when it rained. Great weather for ducks, though! They never seemed to mind the rain.


Gracey really liked Walter so she would wait for the wind and the rain to quiet down then she would fly over to the school. St. Mary’s was a grade school and the children there were always do fun, creative things.


The children were busy making Valentine mail boxes out of shoe boxes. The party was tomorrow so today was the day to find lots of pretty bits of lace and heart stickers.


As soon as the rain cleared she was off. Gracey had a way in to the school that was not through the front door. An air vent on the back of the building. Then down the shaft to the classrooms. As soon as the children left for lunch she made her way into the art room.


There was a sticker heart on the floor and around the corner of the teachers desk was a heart shaped candy she pecked the sticker and stuck the candy to it and then tucked it into her back feathers way from her wings. That was all she needed and back out the vent she flew.


Walter was taking no chances on being seen. He didn’t have wings. But he could run really fast. He took the low road and ran through the spaces between the wall and the chalk board rail. St. Mary’s still had old black boards with old wooden chalk rails so it made a wonderful tunnel across the room.


Walter found a heart sticker too and he looked all over the room for a nice treat to stick on it. Birds don’t eat candy.


Suddenly, he heard the door knob turn. Walter ran under the teacher’s desk. He peeked around the desk leg to see who it was.


Great! It was the teacher. Sister Mary Catherine. She walked right over to the desk and pulled open a drawer. Walter froze in his tracks and didn’t even breath.


She pulled out a paper bag that had her lunch in it. She reached in and pulled out a hand full of sunflower seeds to eat. She dropped one and quick as a flash, Walter slid his sticker out to catch it.


The seed landed right on his sticker and he pulled it back into his hiding place. Because it landed in the sticker instead of the floor, She never heard it.


Moments later the teacher was on her way to the lunchroom and Walter was on his way home.

Back at Red Abbey, inside the armor of St. Michael, Walter looked at his Valentine. He was Sooo happy!


The Lord must have heart him praying at morning vespers. All those brown robes kneeling before the Lord made it easy to pray. The brother’s of Red Abbey pray every morning and it has become one of Walter’s favorite things to do too. What a Great way to start your day!


The next day, Walter ran all the way up, into the bell tower, into the crags where Gracey lived.

What fun they had as they shared Valentines.


“Where did you find yours?” Gracey asked Walter. “The Art room!” he said. “Me too!” She twittered.

Walter’s whiskers bounced as he giggled, his little mousy giggle. Gracey twittered again. She thought it was cute.


Both of them filled with the warmth of love, and the joy of true friendship. Which is a beautiful thing… And that is what St. Valentine’s Day is all about.


User Comments

Good Morning Sis. Zoe-Mae, nice story and pictures. Enjoy your day. Bro. Doc

Thank you! Enjoy your day too!

What fun!

how old are the grand daughters? how did they react to the card?


walter and gracey are such a treat!

the painting and the story

how imaginative to have them get their gifts at the same place while missing each other

then sharing a laugh when they find out



Thank you! My grand daughter's are 5yrs old and 8 months. When I print a hard copy all of my Grands will get a copy. These 2 are my oldest son's children. My daughter has 3. A boy 7, another 5 and a girl 3.

I started writing when my daughter was 2. When my youngest (I had 3 boy girl boy) turned 3 I was teaching preschool. It housed in a church with little supplies so I wrote for them and began drawing. My art work then was simple black marker drawings to mimic a coloringbook pages. After that I was an invited guest at their elementary school. And for 10 awesome years I was known as the story lady. I shared stories art and Irish history on St. Patrick's Day. I also tutored some. And some other story visits. 

that is so awesome!

just think how much creativity you inspired


kids those ages are so much fun ~ you must have a great time when they visit


 It was a lot of fun. We all kinda retired at the same time. My last year there was when the principle retired and two of the teacher's I worked with retired. 

Lot of happy memories of walking into a class and the kids are all excited I was there. They learned a lot and I had a blast and the teachers told me I missed my calling.

I didn't think so. I had all the fun of teaching and none of the dreads of maintaining dicipline or grading. What luck huh?



do you keep in touch with with them or any of the student?


Only my own kids of course and some of there friends. We moved out of the Loudonville - Perryville area when my youngest graduated. An other reason for retiring.

when i was a young adult i moved around a lot ~ it is tough to keep in touch

What an adorable story... and pictures!  Lucky grand daughter, getting an original tale!

Thank you. One day I hope to get enough printer ink to make a hard copy, of all my talesvfor all 5 of my Grands. :)

What a wonderful legacy!

I hope so. I want them to have something to carry on with that is fun and meaningful.

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