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What If?

Added: Friday, July 31st 2020 at 8:03am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: politics

What if the Coronavirus was a planned release? What if it is intended as biological warfare? What if the intended target is the United States? What if it is a one-two punch? What if the seeds being sent into the U.S. from China, when planted, release a pollen that activate a deadlier form of the disease in those who have been infected?

What if?

Thank you for listening to Conspiracy Moment.

Tune in tomorrow when we discuss real life conspiracies that are sweeping our nation.

User Comments

Sounds like the Friday episode of a  soap opera.

Well, we KNOW they will stop at nothing to defeat Trump. We KNOW what Communist China and the Communist democrat party are capable of. 

Capable of ginormous evils...

What if?  Come on now, you know there is no if, nope, no if at all.

I agree with OpinionNateTed, 100%

Ken, I don't like your "what if".  :(

  What if China can program "5G" outputs to restart the virus in those who have already had it?


LOL, I think and have always thought the virus was released deliberately.

What Ifyou got all of it Except it was meant for the WORLD....virus viewed England has been receiving seeds for more than  a month.

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