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That's Enough, Damn It!

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 10:22am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: snow, canada

Last night's forecast of 15 - 25 cm (6 - 10 inches) of snow was all that and more. It was at leat 35 - 40 (14 - 16 inches). There is another 5 - 10 cm (2 - 4 inches) on the way. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.

The main drags are clear but the side streets haven't been touched. When I left my father's house last night I took his car rather than my truck thinking his car would be better in the snow but it stopped snowing by the time I got back home and I didn't think it would start again so I parked right in front of the garage instead of on the side meaning I couldn't get the RAV4 out this morning when I saw we had been snow bombed over night. 

Taking Tess to work I got Dad's car so stuck it took me 25 minutes to shovel it out and onto the main drag. Finally got Tess to work (the city streets were a nightmare) and then up to Dad's. He is shoveled and snowblowed clear now. 

Soon a friend is going to take me back down the hill to home, along with my shovels. I will walk into the house and snowblow (thank God for that spanking new snow blower I bought the day before this hit) and shovel us out and then get the RAV4 (which I had the good sense to put snow tires on yesterday) out. I will be able to drive the side streets with it.

I don't mind 4 to 6 inches of snow but adding 10 more onto that makes for a huge mess to deal with.

Fortunately there is no more snow in the long range forecast. 

User Comments

Well if it helps, I had a few rain drops fall on me driving home from the store, and the wind was blowing small leaves down on me at a stop light and now they are stuck to my van.

There don't you feel better now knowing someone else is having a weather nightmare. {#giggle.gif}


Is it still snowing?

Stopped about 2:00. Thank God!

And its only the first week of December.  I'm still sitting at the airport waiting....



Doesn't anyone sell robot snow-blowers to keep driveways clear overnight?

You just keep it up there Ken :D

I'll be thrilled if we can make it to January before I see significant snow. Always seems less miserable that way.

It was early for a storm this large. I hope we don't see another one soon.

Ugh.  I don't envy you. 

First snowflakes in 3 years forecast to fall tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for the DFW area in Texas. Doesn't look like anything will be sticking, though, and it will be mixed with rain anyway.


Gosh, if it's that much snow in December what will Jan Feb give you{#basic-wink.gif} , HAY, maybe you could bottle some and send it to me, we cant water our gardens, wash the cars, and next I'm expecting we will only be-able to shower once a week, then once a month, if we don't get some rain soon.  Would you believe someone siphoned a huge water tank that was for the bush fires, yes I know hard to believe.

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