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Over Regulation

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 9:32am by ZenofKen
Related Tags: food, animals

FTLOG. The Liberal gov't of Canada has now banned round hay bails. Seems an animal rights group has been lobbying the gov't because animals weren't getting a square meal.

User Comments

I was about to be outraged enough to contact Canadian Govt to protest round balls being outlawed .

With the Trudeay gov't there is more than enough legitimate outrage to go around.

He sure is getting beat up by the public. The memes I've seen are funny.

G*R*O*A*N* !  Lololol!  Arghhhh Ken.  {#rofl.gif}

Somedays the bevy of serious blog posts here is too much. I had to do it.

Well, it worked because I was laughing like a hyena!  {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Spunds funny but I wouldn't past them...

Never trust a Liberal.

Oh I don't ken, on anything.

We have rectangle hay bales out west so I  know that's funny since I once spent two weeks in Kansas City, MO so know what a round hay bale is to get it......LOL


LOL. We never, or seldom, see square bales here any longer. When I was a teen one of the only ways to make money as a kid was haying season. 50 cents an hour for picking bales off the ground and throwing them into the hay wagon and then back to the barn and throwing them from the haywagon on to the escaltor to the barn and up into the barn and stacking them up. Very hot, very tiring work.

I called it rolled grass when I first saw it, since that's what it looked like to me.


LOL Thank you.






... the groaner of the day ... 

I try but they can't all be good.

This is a groaner but funny

Hope it made you smile.

It did :)

stop animals from becoming a square meal..... or not lol very funny Ken

LOL I can't help it.



{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#flag.gif}{#flag.gif}{#flag.gif} I almost bought it


lol! Doh!


"Rollin, rollin', rollin down the river". 

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