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Keto Diet Weight Loss

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 12:29pm by ZenofKen
Related Tags: weight, diabetes, diet, weight loss

This Keto diet is really working for me. I am starting to see real results with weight loss. Today I was able to fit into something I haven't warn in about 5 years. It is still brutally cold here so I put it on to keep warm.


Okay, okay. It was a scarf but, hey, I have to start somewhere.

User Comments

No. Just doing Keto and some exercise. To cold to get out much but as it warms up I will exercise more. I have lost 10 pounds in three weeks.


Guess who just got put on Ritalin twice a day?  Moi.  And it slays the appetite, but that's not what it was prescribed for, but to help me concentrate on a task instead of trying to do a dozen at a time and making no progress on any of them.

Dunno if I'll stay on it, though.  Makes me feel...odd.

I do not know much about Ritalin but my friend had her son on it and took him off. She said it made him feel strange. Is this for ADHD? If so I should have been out it a long time ago. 

Yes Ana.  My Grandson was put on it, when he was young.  It made him feel odd too, and he was also lathargic from it., so spaced out and nodding off.  My daughter took him off of it.

Give it a good long try.  .... I am bipolar but have been off medication for years (knock on wood). For a long time I was on divalproex. It made me feel the best I have ever felt. Steady as a rock. Rock solid attention. No racing thoughts. I had been off it for a long time and, when my psychiatrist of 30 years died, I found a new one who wrote a 'scrip for me. I was so looking forward to being on this again and then ... I was diagnosed diabetic. Fuck! Divalproex causes intense carb cravings and huge weight gain. So, so much for that. I muddle along on my own again.

I too was diagnosed as bi-polar 30 or more years ago, and wasted a decade of my life as a mental health consumer.  None of the meds helped me AT ALL, and almost all of them had horrific side affects.  At one point I think I was taking at least three pills for side effects for every psych drug I was on, handfuls multiple times a day.  In the end, they drugged my entire personality out of me, and if that's what it's like to be normal?  You can keep it, haha.

I detoxed and denounced psychiatry altogether.  I refuse to see a shrink anymore, haven't seen one in many years because most of my PCPs are willing to keep me on the xanax (which prevents me from slaughtering innocents, haha) and I have learned to self-medicate the worse of my manic-depressive symptoms with small but regular doses of cannabis.

It lifts me a bit when depressed, slows me a bit when manic, and things have been going well.

However, my nurse practicioner and I were discussing a documentary I'd viewed, called 'The Violent Mind' in which it was revealed that early and severe nicotine addiction is far more likely in those who have a certain part of the brain that's understimulated.  (My own brain looks like swiss cheese, it's full of lesions caused by MS or something similar.)

I've quit smoking but remain hopelessly dependent on e-cigs for nicotine.

That, plus my scattered attention span, rapid speech, etc, led us to discuss trying to stimulate that portion of my brain with a different chemical.  She suggested ritalin, and after getting a green light from the doctor she answers to, a prescription was written.

I'll give it the old 30 day trial, but if that odd feeling persists, I will probably give it up.  I'm still using nicotine, but not quite as much, so we'll see.  I have always 'talked' a lot on Blogster, but lately....geeze, I'm dropping walls of text all over the damned place.

So!  I'm gonna shut up now, hahah.  But will keep you updated, Ken.  From one (possibly misdiagnosed) manic-depressive to another.

It does make me feel strange, not at all like the benzedrine my ex and I used to take to stay awake when trucking for a living, which is what I expected.  See longer reply to Ken, below.  I may have been misdiagnosed, decades ago.

I felt my self slipping when life piled up a year and a half ago. Tired to get in to see my shrink of 30+ years more to talk then anything. Was deeply, deeply saddened to find out he died. Saw a new one whom I thought was a fucking asshole. No, I knew he was. Pompous ass. I'll look after museld from now on.


Good. Watch out with your pants, you can find yourself walking and they slide down on you. Thankfully I've been home alone when that happen.....LOL

Yes, well, I wear braces (suspenders). I am okay for a while but they pants are looser.

{#apploud.gif} yAy you! Congrats on your 10 lb loss.  And LOL @ it being a scarf you wore!  You rascal, I lmao at that.  {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}


Good for you Ken!

Thank you.

Wearing a scarf kinds implys you have a neck.so good going, making progress...{#thumbs_up.gif}

And down to one chin.




Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like it is really working for you. 

Good for you and the scarf thanks you too... lol


HAAHAHAHA!!!  But still...

So Miss Piggy here read the Kiindle Fung book and lost 7 pounds fast, nothing short of a slowed down metabolism miracle since when I last did a low carb diet in  1970 (think little 25 cent Dell books), but that's all I can lose since I now weigh in under 115.  That's too low but this is an experiment,  the challenge to maintain, not to lose more, and to not gain back 14...so I'll  start by adding in two giant globs of my keto-friendly spinach artichoke dip. Yes! He gets attention by being scary which doesn't work much for me anymore, but I think it's definitely doable and for those who need to lose much more.  Thanks for the book recommendation!

I am thrilled you liked it. I have lost 10 pounds in three weeks now with no exercise or real effort. I am seeing a lot less of me in the near future.

lol, I like that!  Congrats!  I know some  of what I lost is water weight, but weight is weight..  My daughter and daughter in law go on and off Keto so  I knew about it, but was happy  to see  how you, someone in their 40's (right??!)  so closer to my age lol is losing and living with it.   My diabetes II has been harder to control  because I'm 5'3" and was 124 when diagnosed and the dr told me DON'T LOSE WEIGHT.  So I did anyway, but it didn't change the numbers much, just like he said..  The book is working for me on WHAT to eat and I try to do food combinations, too, so it's helping me find a new way of eating and new things to eat and keeping my sugar more stable. I like it.

Yep, still in my 40s in my head, 3 years short of 70 in body. But thanks.

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