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Guns Are Not the Problem

Added: Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 7:31pm by ZenofKen
Related Tags: guns, u.s. constitution

You are not going to like this but ... guns are not the problem. Yes, there has been a huge increase in mass killings but ... guns are not the problem. America has always had huge quantities of guns. What changed? What changed between the 50s and now? You are not going to like the answer either. The problem is in the human heart.

Don't make knee jerk, simpleton responses mouthing leftest talking points. Listen for a moment. Alright aaround 20 minutes or so. If you aren't willing to spend that amount of time to look for a real answer than don't come around mouthing non answers.


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"Victim mentality" (encouraged by The Leftists)  "causes human evil" ...That's for damn sure.

Essentially correct.

I wish I could make every leftest sit down and watch this.

Couldn't agree more, guns have never been the trouble, if a person wants a gun he/she will get one, just look at us down Under, more killings than ever, and we have a no gun law.

If a person wants to kill someone they will use whatever is handy.  Guns are essentially tools they are not at fault.  


Elsewhere they stab each other. But the reasons they do this are at the heart of Prager's video. Bookmark this one, Mary. You will want to watch it.

I am listening to him now I agree.

 I just read a blurb where the Pope wants another schism within the catholic church - he is horrible in my opinion forgive me Father.  

The pope is a communist and a destroyer.

Good points about education spot on...

I listened to the tape, and.....what it comes down to is.....guns are NOT the problem.  What is, is the person holding it.

It's the same with any kind of weapon, meaning not just guns, but knives, hammers (they are used in crimes), axes, ropes, bow and arrows.....anything used to commit crimes against other people, even large rocks are used.  By themselves they are harmless, until someone gets their hands on one of them, and then they become dangerous.  It's the person behind them.l



Prior to 0/11 the largest mass killing in New York was accomplished with a dollar's worth of gasoline and a match.  The Happyland fire killed 87 people.


Where there's a will, there's a way.


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