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Brass Monkeys

Added: Thursday, December 1st 2022 at 10:54am by ZenofKen
Category: About Me > About Me
Related Tags: weather, health, covid19

It is a balmy 28 degrees below zero this morning here in the interior of British Columbia this morning as the result of a sudden cold snap. It will be bitterly cold again tonight and minus 20 through Monday before gradually warming to normal winter temperatures of minus 10 or minus 12.

I hate winter.

I have my first cataract surgery Monday on the worst eye. As I opted for the more expensive lenses which have a high proability of freeing me rom glasses for the first time since I was 15 I have to go back the next day to be checked again. Two trips to the city. I start the pre-surgery eye drops tomorrow. 

The second eye will be done on January 5. 

I am finally slowly recovering from long covid. I can breath fairly well again and have started walking (indoors in the heated walking track in the arena). I have lost 22 pounds over the last 8 weeks by walking and doing intermittent fasting. I keep carbs on the lower end but don't really restrict myself. If I want a donut I eat it.

With the weight loss and exercise I have had to reduce one of my two diabetes medications and by the end of January, at this rate, will be off one of them all together.

I am looking at sinus surgery to remove some polyps but that is snip, snip and out the door so all in all I am doing much better. Nothing quite like being sick for over a year.

User Comments

Do the best you can to stay warm, and good job on losing weight.

Haven’t started the Honda in two days. My winter tires weren’t the best so was using the RAV 4. It is blistering cold and when I wanted to start the Honda today it was no good. Took two hours of fighting with it to get it started. Now I have the block heater plugged in so it Should be fine.

sounds like things are finally looking up for you

Something will surely screw that up. LOL

Nice going! 

Good to hear a case much like my own for the results in the i-Fasting.

Walking, doing upper interrmittent-exy on an old Schwinn AirDyne for only 10-11 minutes.

Keeps me physically fit and I dropped20+ pounds...and don't feel terribly hungry ...eating all foods within an approximate 8 hour window.

Same as you... I relax about the time frame often, but don't abuse it more than 2 hours or so....and I snack a donut or small piece of pie or a candy bar prolly a couple times a week.

You speak of "long C-19" ...

This stuff appears to be pretty negatively active for a long time.

Here's a blurb about an apparent, planned, HUGE World population reduction:

Here, Dr David Martin MD theorizes that 3.5 billion human beings will be genocided in two decades max:



I have really upped my exercise intensity and it is lying off with the weight loss which lowers blood glucose. The city will close the walking track over the holidays and the temptation to eat sweets over Xmas will me hard to say no too but I should still do okay.

Congratulations on everything!  New sight.  Feeling better.  Lost pounds.  Great job!

Soon I’ll be able to see again also. All good news at the moment.

So good to see you doing so much better and are finally going to be able to catch up on your reading ;)

Stay warm...


Glad to read you are doing better and great job on the weight loss.

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