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Brass Monkeys

Added: Tuesday, October 8th 2019 at 8:53pm by ZenofKen
Related Tags: canada, weather, politics

They said we were going to have a long, dry, warmer than normal autumn. Instead the incessant summer rain continues. We seldom see the sun. The days are shortening. it is always grey and dark. Today's high was 3 degrees (35 degrees) and tonight it is supposed to drop to -7 (19). Calgary, Alberta is getting pounded with snow. There has been snow  north of us and south of us and my daughters had a dusting yesterday out west of us.

To add insult to injury the Trudeau Liberals are leading in the election polls.

Fuck Canada.

User Comments

The Liberals did it.   :/


I though you were jammin' to the Beastie Boys for a second Ken...

Yeah, Canada sucks..  the weather, the politics, the casino that wouldn't let me bring home my winnings...  :)

No my weather sucks!!  The calendar says its autumn time, cooler weather.  We are still in heat mode with no coolness in sight!  It'll be December and my a/c will still be running!  {#basic-angry.gif}

Not a bad day here in Ireland.  Some sunshine and some showers but not at all cold.  Hate the thought of snow arriving.  

You might need to build a Snowman army soon and rebel.{#basic-laugh.gif}


We're going to be getting our first shot of winter this weekend.  It'll start with a hard freeze overnight on Thursday.


I know!!!

I was going to move to Utah... but tjey elected Romney..can't respect peeps who'sdvote for that guy...or Trudeau

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