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Amazon You Dolts

Added: Sunday, June 28th 2020 at 9:03am by ZenofKen

On the 20th I ordered books from Amazon Canada. They arrived on the 26th. So far so good. I went online to recheck one of the books and noticed that the price had gone down. I checked the rest and discovered another had gone down. The combined price reduction on the two books was $27.60. That was no inconsequential and it pissed me off so I tried to contact Amazon. 

Contacting Amazon is easier said then done. They do not want to deal with things during COVID, and have shut off most of their customer care. After an hour I discovered a way to get a live person and called. 

The call was answered by Mindy. Mindy sounded Indian and the phone quality made me suspect she was in India. Mindy told me there was nothing she could do. My only option was to return the books for credit and then when I had the credit reorder at the new price. I told her that was insane and after arguing with her about it she finally said she would put me on hold and talk to her 'lead' who I assume was some kind of supervisor.

After 20 minutes on hold I hung up even angrier but now knowing how to get a live person I called again. This time I got Ashley in Alabama who had a delightful southern accent and was very helpful. She listened to me and checked out the new pricing versus what I had paid. In less than five minutes she had given me a credit for $27.60 in the form of a gift card and told me it would be on my account in less than two hours. 

It was about four hours later before I could check and sure enough there had been a gift card applied to my account for the full amount as well as confirming emails both from Ashley as a customer service rep and another from Amazon corporate. 

There were other credits there as well. I assume Mindy did something after all although in a particularly Indian way. I had two credits for $13.80 referencing the same books and a further 6.50 cent credit for damage to a book I purchased two months ago and which I had not asked about and was not damaged.  

I sat looking at my screen for some time and was about to call them back again and get it straightened out when I thought 'Screw it' I was just positive that trying to give back the two $13.80 credits and the $6.50 credit would just result in losing the correct one of $27.60 as well so I did what I never do in cases like this, having been raised to be painfully honest, and kept my mouth shut and kept them all. So two books which originally cost me slightly over $68 with tax wound up costing me just over $3.

I don't think Jeff Bezos will miss the money but the truth is that I am still contemplating trying to call them again and getting this sorted out. It doesn't sit right with me to accept a mistaken double credit and then one for something that I hadn't discussed. I wasn't raised that way and I think it is wrong. But, like I said, I suspect it would wind up screwing up the original one and probably get Mindy in India fired. Maybe I will see if I can donate the over reduction to some worthy charity.

Heavy leaden clouds are laying on top of the hills. It is cold enough and grey enough to feel like fall. We have had two arm days this year otherwise it has been cool to downright cold. It has rained and rained and rained all spring and now into summer. All the rivers here are over their banks and there have been landslides everywhere. Many roads are closed and now the detours around the slides are being impacted by slides. 

One of the benefits of all the rain is mosquitoes. I have been here 48 years and have never seen mosquitoes like this. I have even overheard some of the Native elders who live in the bush saying they have never seen mosquitoes like this. The other day, out for a drive with Dad on the Hill Lake Forest Service Road out to Wine Glass Falls, I got out of the car long enough to see a man about a horse and in the few seconds the car door was open the car was filled with the buzzing, kamikaze bastards and by the time I finished pissing I felt light headed and considered going to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

Dad has been doing better although that may be due to all the attention I have to give him but none the less it is easier to deal with him at home then in the hospital. His main problem is boredom since he cannot physically do all the things he used to do. I am going to have to help him find some indoor hobbies. 

Tonight Tess and I will have him down for dinner. It is not just the dinner that he enjoys (he loves Tess' cooking) but afterwards we will play Bingo for quarters. I loath Bingo but Dad has come to enjoy it. I think he likes it mainly because of the company but also it gives him something to focus on and so I play and pretend to be having fun.

I have decided on a new camera and it is going to cost me a fortune but I have not spent any money on myself in a long time. I have been into photography for a long, long time and still have a film camera here with a half dozen lenses and filters that I no longer use because no one uses 35mm film any more. It is too expensive to shoot film and these days too confining. Neither to I want a DSLR which would suck up an exorbitant amount to money gearing up with camera and lenses again. 

After a lifetime of shooting I have come to the point I do not want to carry around lenses and filters and gear and be changing lenses for this, that or the other. The 'art' in photography is not in the camera or equipment it is in the eye of the photographer.

The camera I bounced off the floor and broke recently was just a small Nikon bridge camera I bought when I lost my previous one in a taxi when we went to Mexico. It did most of what I wanted a camera to do but not all. I have decided I am going to get another exactly like it. They are cheap these days. I am also going to get a second Nikon bridge camera that is upscale. Either a P950 or a P1000. There are a lot of negative reviews around on the P1000 but they are by professionals and you know what? No camera is going to give you 100 per cent of what you want. I am not a professional. I shoot for pleasure. It will do more than I need and will allow me to get away from the 'point and shoot' and back into manual shooting. The two together will give me everything I will ever need.  It wil suck up about $1800 but what the hell.

User Comments

Glad you got it fixed at Amazon, although, it came out way in your favor. lol 

Bingo for quarters, now that sounds fun to me. 

It is okay. Not my favorite but Dad. Tess, and her mother like it so I go along.

Ken, I guess you'll have to wrestle with your conscience on what you decide to do about those Amazon credits.  Like you, I'd want to let things stand as they are. On the other hand, that pesty, nagging voice in my head would be saying to get that corrected, if we being honest here, but!  In the back of my mind, deep down, I'd really not want to change a thing!

I haven't seen or been bitten by a mosquito in years and thank gawd!  I hate those lil bastids and everytime I used to get bitten, the bite would swell, turn red and itch like a biatch.  I'd scratch til it bled. {#basic-undecided.gif}

Its good to hear about how much better your dad is doing being back home. Its good he can focus on playing Bingo. Does he like playing cards? Or maybe board games?  I guess its hard to think of what a person can do on the daily to keep them occupied.

Well when you get a camera, make sure and share those great shots you take. One could maybe become the wallpaper for my cellphone, lol.

There is a senior's center down town. Once COVID restrictions ease some more I would like to see Dad start going there for entertainment and company.

An excellent idea. I hope it happens for him and its a place he can come to enjoy and actually want to go to.

I remember a time when I bought some work boots at Sears, and some time later a flyer came out with them on sale. My Dad had bought them for me, and he was a Sears employee (retired), so he just went with me to the store. He had the receipt from when we bought them only a couple of weeks previous at most. They just did what they had to do at the till and refunded the difference. This would be about 1990 or perhaps even earlier. When things like this happen to me now, I usually don't even notice, and if I do, then I'll figure it's just my bad luck and leave it as it is. I didn't mind paying the price at the time I bought whatever it was, so there it is.

I have a good collection of camera lenses from my days with film cameras. Some day I plan to buy a digital body which will allow me to use all the old lenses, as they are pretty high quality. I still remember the day I ordered the 50mm f1.2 lense and having to decide: do I really want that one or would the f1.4 be good enough? I just got the top one because I could just see myself later kicking myself for not getting that almost negligible upgrade.

I have Pentax lenses up the butt. I wonder if they still use their old K-mount on their new digitals. That would prompt me back into SLRs if that were the case.

I did talk to the man at the camera shop about it, and yes apprently they do still have the K mount available. So that is what I have in mind. Yet, the little bitty digital camera does a good job for what I need right now, so no hurry.

A lot of company's don't make it easy to talk to a human if you have a problem, and it's very annoying since it just makes you more angry then the reason you were calling about did.

Truth! You know what? I bet it would take me another 45 minutes to figure out how I got a live operator to report the problem and my time is worth something. Besaides, like I said. I am afraid I would get another stupid one and would wind up with all the credits wiped out.

I wouldn't do anything more about Amazon.   You win some, you lose some.  This time you came out ahead.  That's life.  And you're probably right about getting someone in trouble. 


Yea, I am not going to do anything. I was honest all along. They are just hioring stupid people and it is not up to me to chase them around for hours on end to fix it.

First I buy tons of books and other stiff from A and you have different buyers to choose from different prices and shipping cost.. learn to search the buyers and prices... Also maybe Canada SHOULD BE offered Prime  US is and I get it free on most things and delivered next day including Sunday. if you don't hve it you will soon as this is going to be one of the main ways to shop and vaze out stores malls and parking lots.....and survail  all by buy and how we spend.(CONTROL THE MASSES) but I do like A's services.. The do make returns very easy and are very reliabe  here in USA>All the live office is outsourced to foreign countries like with Verizion repair service it changes yearly and goes to the lowest bidder and they can enter your PC and change things from India..(they claim they must have you click permission they don't really .. that eye in the sky can allways be on even if you have it turned off at your end.. most is AI intelligence when you are contacting them and not much you can do other than shop local for the time that option is available..thank heavens I don't have much longer on this planet.

Canada has Prime but I don't get it. I purchase most of my books from brick and mortar stores. I like to be able to slim tjhrough them before I buy.

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