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I am cancelling my trip to Bali in September

Added: Wednesday, July 10th 2019 at 9:04am by Windancer

My friend Jo and her husband Paul (who live in England) who joined me in China last year are doing a trip to Vietnam so I will be meeting them in Hanoi for a three week adventure, it's going to be great to see them again and we've just planned and booked our flights, hotels and the tours we are going to be doing.

Hanoi is going to be exciting, the city is full of history and culture and traditions which will be very interesting.

We are booked on an overnight river cruise on Halong Bay which will be incredible.

If you havent heard of Halong Bay, check this out.....


Have you ever seen anything so beautiful???

This is the boat we are booked to cruise on, we've got the deluxe ocean view rooms which look really lovely.



Then we fly to Danang, another fascinating city and we've got a day trip booked to go to Ba Na Hills  which is a wonderful new resort about 45 minutes drive from Danang.

Check this out....

French getaway in the heart of Vietnam.

Just a 45-minute car ride away from Da Nang is a beautiful hilltop resort perched atop a mountain in the middle of Vietnam.

Ba Na Hills is famous for its French village with buildings that look like medieval castles, a majestic Golden Bridge, popular hubs of endless entertainment, beautiful gardens, restaurants and pubs!!

It has a gigantic and majestic Buddha sitting on top of a hill overlooking the village...

high enough to sit over early morning clouds...

It's hard to believe this place is in Vietnam!!

and a few minutes walk from the village is the Golden Bridge which in of itself is so stunning!!



I cant wait to take my own photographs and videos!!!!

If you want to see more stunning images, google Ba Na Hills Danang.

I hope these next three months go very quickly, I cant wait to get there!!

Bali will still be there next year!!

User Comments

Omg Maria, how stunning the scenery will be!  So many breathtaking views to see and experience.  I'm as excited for you as you are to go there.  More and more you hear of people that are vacationing in Vietnam.  One of my cousins has talked of wanting to go.  I had mentioned before to my father that he should go back there to see how much Vietnam has changed since he was there serving his country in '68 - '69.  But he wasn't much interested, lol.  I wouldn't mind going myself.

Countdown to a good time begins now.  {#dancing6.gif}

I think it is very difficult for those who went to Vietnam to fight to return because of all the horrors they witnessed of that horrific war and I dont blame them. I was in Cambodia last year and there are still remnants of that war so visible out in the countryside with large swathes of land still ravaged by landmines and the effects of agent orange on many of the people still suffering today. 

Today though, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are thriving tourist meccas and the beauty of the scenery and the ancient cities and temples that survived the war and the people, it's definitely become a bucket list place for many...{#basic-laugh.gif}


wow....something different.  i am sure you wil have a good time.

I might not want to leave...lol. 

I am soooo jalous!

that's what compelled me to go, when my friends Jo and Paul said they were going, I felt so jealous so I decided to cancel my trip to Bali and go to Vietnam instead...{#basic-laugh.gif}

Back when I was readying for retirement a Vietnamese co-worker said I should retire to Vietnam...that I could literally live like a king on $2k a month.

there are many retired Aussie expats living there and you can indeed live like a king for half of that even.  It is very cheap to live in most places in Asia and more and more retirees are moving there.

It all boggles my mind a bit...

I've sent for information from this website on all the places I might want to retire to in Asia, very informative and they make it easy to see why people are moving abroad to these places when they retire, they get to live very well, certainly much better than living in the western countries, check this one out, it's for Vietnam...


It looks like this could be your best trip ever. 

it will certainly be up there with the best of them Nate...{#basic-laugh.gif}

Can't wait to see your pics and videos. You're a pro. {#basic-cool.gif}

I will definitely be posting travelogues when I get back...{#basic-laugh.gif}


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