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The things we do to ourselves without knowing it

Added: Sunday, May 29th 2022 at 12:55am by VickieCollins

Ok, this is a look at what has been going on with my health recently.  Now, skin cancer happens often, it seems, to those of us that have the kind of complexion that makes us glow in the dark.  I am one of those people that NEVER tan.  On those rare, rare occaions when I tried to lay out in the sun, first of all, I would start feeling sick at the stomach.  It was kind of like the sun was making me feel bad, including nausea.  Then I would burn, and my skin (the sunburned part) would flake off, and I would be paier than I was before I laid out.

As I got older, and realized I had diabetes, I went on a diet, and watched what I ate...at least a few years, although I have stopped being as careful for the last couple years.  Anyway, since I had never taken vitanims and obviously was a bad eater prior, I decided to get some senior Centrum and take it.  It would give me, hopefully, all the vitimans and minerals that I wasn't getting otherwise.

Since the bottle indicated the percentage of the daily requirement of each thing the pill provided, and much of it was under 100 percent, I decided (self medicating time here) to take two of each pill.  Surely, that would mean that I was get the full benefit and have the right nutrients in my body.

Well, maybe.  It is also possibly that I created a problem.  You see when I had surgery this last week, suddenly I started bleeding...I mean suddenly and rapidly.  Five or ten minutes before, the nurse had checked me and the bleeding had stopped, but now suddenly it was streaming.  

We got it under control, and they taped my head pretty tightly and there was no more problem.  However, after I came home I decided to check and see why my blood would have done that, and it turns out that some medicine and even vitamins cause thining of the blood.  Now thining is good if you are danger of getting a blood clot, not so good if it is so thin that you might bleed out.

Now, let me stress that I had no feeling of almost bleeding out, both things I got cut by anythng (yes, I nicked myself with a knife the next day), I bleed but putting a napkin over my finger stopped the second bleed while the tape had the first more major bleed.  However, I wanted to know what had caused this thin-ness, and  found a list of "reasons".

First, I have six medicines that I take on a daily basis.  Three of thing are prone to slightly thiin the blood.  In addition, vitamin thins the blood.  So that means I was taking four things that were thining my blood and didn't know that was happening.  Now, of the four, the Vitamin E is likely the worst of them.  What I was doing, by taking two vitimins a day was ingesting 300 percent of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin E.

So obviously, for right now I am not taking the vitamins.  I have considered going to the drug store and seeing if I can find something that has a lower amount, or no Vitamin E.  Not sure there is such a thing...but certianly the practice of taking two of these things every day is over.  It will one if and when I feel it is ok to take them again.

And to think, the surgeon asked me 3-4 times if I was taking any blood-thinner and each time I said "no".



User Comments

What  I did to my health without knowing it.

Glad you figured it out, good to know. Scary what can happen from little pills. 



When I had my kidney stone blasted a couple of weeks ago, I had to stop my daily blood thinner and the Omega 3 w/fish oil a week ahead of time, since they thin the blood.

I also take a multi vitimin for men over 50, but they didn't say to stop that.

I'm sure most people never think that taking a vitimini could cause harm, so never memtion to doctors they take any.

I hadn't mentioned it to my doctor...except in passing and as  I remember he took no real notice. The really interesting thing is that they asked me to stop any blood thinner that I might be one, and I went whole turkey on all my medicine for that day...didn't take any of it.

But I asked me about 5 times if I was on a thinner and of course I insisted I wasn't.  Never occurred to me that Vitamin E or any other ingredient in that multi-vitamin might work that work.  Much les that 3 of my other medicines were adding to the effect.

The vitamin E had apparently build up in my blood...like you say "how would I have known" without doing research it never occurred to me to do.

Vitamin K is a definte no-no if you have a tendency to bleed and/or take a blood thinner!

You really should tell your doctor EVERY over the counter thing you take--I learned the hard way

Yeah, I mentioned the multi vitimin to him, but I am sure I didn't tell him everything in it...so his lack of reaction is hardly to blame.  This is my doing, but unknowingly.

Some things even doctors can’t tell us. You are lucky to learn the hard way. I hope I can take the lesson to heart and be more vigilant in my own life. Thx!

Yeah, and one thing they can't tells us about is things that we haven't share with detail with them.  Yes, i am lucky to have been able to get this informition before it got even worse.

I have injured myself a couple of times, and had the surgery, and while bleedly pofusely for a few minutes was able to get it stopped.  If I kept on taking the stuff at the rate I was taking, I might have bleed out at some point.

That's actually why I shared it, so that others could 1. learn and 2. maybe get a slight chuckle out of it.

As I have aged I have seen progressively more & more subtle dishonesty (& blatant dishonesty, too)...often they are traps we wouldn't expect to fall in to...

I don't see any dishonesty involvedk fed.  I took something, didn't tell the doctor about it so he had no reason to 'go there" and I realized what was happening and now can do something about it.  No dishonesty just failure to communicate more than anything.

Right you are.

Apparently I should have said:

"As I have aged I have seen progressively more & more subtle dishonesty (& blatant dishonesty, too)...often they are traps we wouldn't expect to fall in to..."

OOPS! Blew that one too!

Right you are.

I should have said:

"As I have aged I have seen progressively more & more subtle dishonesty (& blatant dishonesty, too)...often, for me, those have been the types of traps that I have occasionally to fallen into..."


Again! Blew it with typos somewhat...

Perfection is far from my middle name ...low blood sugar, I think. 

Not sure where you came up with dishonesty when it was ignorance (not knowing) and maybe lack of communication but whatever.

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