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My current situation....I am laying back again

Added: Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 11:26pm by VickieCollins
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Well, covid-19 still is growing in intensity.  Some states are wisely re-appling lockdown procedures since human beings are often a foolhardy group and venture out without either masks or social distancing. Not me, for sure, but some humans.

There have been times in my younger years when I hated being home alone.  I thought if I was not out among people, I would lose my mind.  Age has started to cure me of that delusion.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I still want to get out of the house, but not closer than 6 feet from others.  The only thing that getting closer than that prevents is maybe occasionally a friendly hug.  Otherwise conversation can even take place while staying 6 feet apart.

But the early 21st Century has conveniences that make going out almost unnecessary:

1. Netflix--along with Amazon Prime, all the movies and Tv Shows that I need.

2. if I find nothing on the sources listed in number 1 there is TubiTv and although I haven't done much with it...Pluto TV as well.

3. delivery of things like groceries and pet supplies, and even things from the drug store.

4. books gotten from the library with the "no contact" pass through at the door to the library...never having to go inside at all.  I am going to pick up another batch of books tomorrow.

5. drive though pickup of food....there are loads of drive though restaurants.  I can easily go and get the food though a window speaking through a glass partition and drive away with a decent meal.  Not necessarily the highest quality, wish more restaurants would open up drive through but I can survive with those drive thoughts as well as some groceries delivered by Shopt.

6.  Zoom is good for book discussions.  Can do that without leaving the house.

The only thing I really miss is going to some of my local watering holes and listening to the juke box...or whatever music system they have, sipping water and enjoying being entertained by the crazy bartender.

But you know, the one time that I thought I was safe and went out to meet with some people, it was mid-summer and within a week or two, lo and behold the Covid-19 cases went up again. Since then everytime I consider going to a bar, those Covid-19 numbers go up again, and I decide "ok, not for a little while longer".

With all the above modern conveniences, I am actually getting to the point where being around other people, the slim possibility of a romance is not even enough to convince me it is worth it to venture out....not when lives might be at stake.

User Comments

Now is the time for me to learn the advantages of being alone.  It is not as hard as I thought in my young days.

I've never had a problem being alone or having it quiet when at home.

I know people if they are home alone they need noise around them, even if it's a TV on that they aren't even watching. They can't be alone at home when it's quiet.



Yeah, I used to be that way....and I admit I need a book or a TV on when I am up walking around...but still can do alone.

People need to do what has to be done to keep not only themselves safe but their fellow Americans too.  The pandemic will only get worse if there are way too many "entitled" and selfish people who refuse to do what is necessary.  Stay home, stay safe.  Nothing is worth getting the virus and possibly dying from it.  And even if it doesnt kill you, it can do enormous damage to organs in your body.

Indeed!!!!  And my friend that works at the bar I go to, doesn't wear a mask and insists that she is healthy because she got a test a week or two ago.  I just don't trust it, even though I love her to death.

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