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A day in the life of the Big Easy....today

Added: Thursday, March 26th 2020 at 9:12am by VickieCollins
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First of all, being retired I go to bed when I want, and get up when I want.  That means that most of the time, I go to bed at 3-4-5-6 in the Am, sometimes even later and get up....something about 2-3-4 in the Pm.

First of  all, yes I am a lazy bugger.  Second of all, ain't no bodies business but mine.  After all, I am retired.  Now, I do have to get up tuesday and wednesday normally...but that is during a normal week during ordinary times.

We are not living in ordinary times so a normal day/week doesn't look exactly like it does the rest of the time.

We, in Louisiana are under "stay at home" orders due to the pandemic that has hit our land....and Louisiana a bit more savagely than many other places.  As of yesteray evening, we were at 1795 cases with 65 deaths in the state.  Most of those are in my neck of the woods.  Which stands to reason since New Orleans is the highest populated part of the state AND where all the tourists naturally seem to come to.  I mean, showing a bit of "Big Easy" pride here, but I certainly never visited any part of Louisiana except New Orleans till I missed here, and have always done so briefly since I moved.

Well, there are a couple of exceptions...I spend a lot of time in Jefferson Parish (known to the rest of the country as county) but that is because it is on the same side of the river I live on, and has some great restaurants.

Jefferson Parish by the way is the second most affected area in the same.  But then again, my Big Easy pride steps in and says that is because it is a sort of bedroom community to New Orleans proper.  It is "Big Easy" adjacent if you will.

Well, right now it feels like a twilight zone out there.  This morning, my cat wanted her litter box changed.  I buy individual disposable litter boxes as it is easier for me....of course the for me part goes without saying but there I went and said it.

Anyway, thinking I had another litter box, I get up about 9am and decide to yield to my cats nagging but somehow I must have miscalculated or had a senior monent (I perfer miscalculated just so you know) and didn't have one so I had to go to Petsco to get some.

To show a bit of why I love this city, I just got an announcement that Drew Brees, one of our Saints, is donating 5 million dollars to Louisiana this year, and that he intends on proving 10,000 meals (likely for kids) a day.  In addition, Rouse's, probably our biggest grocer, has offered restuarants help in staying in business by taking food from the restaurants and making them available to the public.  The money for the meals will go back to the restaurant.

Now people say many things about New Orleans, but it is really a great place.

Now here is how the morning went.

1. got to petco about 9:20 thinking they opened at 9.

2. found out they didn't open till 10. (by the way, they are limited the number of customers allowed in the store at the same time)

3. decided to go grocery shopping so that I would be able to hibernate for another 3-4 days unless the urge to get some lamb shank becomse overwhelming in which case I will venture out again later and get some from my lovely Arab restaurant to go.

4. put the groceries in the car

5. walked in the parking lot ...assuring myself that isolation doesn't actually mean staying in the house...that it is ok to walk in a parking lot unless you are jammed up against a bunch of people.

6. Petco opened, I ran in got a packages of litter boxs and some more cans of food...to be on the safe side

7. came out to the car and came home.

While I was sitting in the car between 5 and 6 above, I listened to the radio and heard:

Nurses were talking on the radio about their needs in the area.  They are low on emergency gear.  Apparently in emergency rooms/ICE in the area, where they usuall need respirators for 10-20 percent of the patients, it is now up to almost 80 percent.  In addition they are having to use their masks and other equipment repeatedly to save because of limited supplies.

There is an attempt to find places to put patients of the Covid-19 pandemic that do not currently need intensive care.  They are looking at schools, hotels and a convention center. It would likely take milliions of dollars to repurpose those locations.  The Fed is supposed to re-imbursing the state for 75 percent of the expenditures but they are petitioning for 100 percent.  Time will telll if they get it.

The problem is not the number of cases right now.  It is that this disease is one the rise.  Something like 400 of those 1795 cases were discovered in one day....the last 24 hours before the report yesterday afternoon about 5pm.

There is no reason to think that we are anywhere near catching up with the "already infected" cases much less dealing with any new infections. It has been concluded that it takes a week or maybe two for this thing to show up with symptoms after one has been infected.

I will also point out that Louisiana the per capita highest numbers right now and we have no idea how high it will go. If Italy and China are any indication, it could be millions of infection across the country....with a sizable percentage here in New Orleans.

I have always gone though periods of hibernating and times of wanting to "run the streets".  Needless to say right now, I am in the hibernation mode.

As long as I have food that I want and a computer and phone to keep up with the world and talk to friends, I am cool.    I even have books to read, and movies from Amazon to fill the time.

****PS  just got another "push out" announcement and the total has gone from 1795 to 2306 (500 plus additional found in one day) and the death toll went from 65 to 83.  Noooo, I can wait for my Lamb shanh.

User Comments

The Big Easy, also sometimes called the town that care forgot, is dealing with the pandemic.

It's a whole new world we live in now with no end of the craziness in sight.

Indeed, and this word just in...a 17 year old boy has died with Covid-19 here in NO.  This is the first death under 36...so not it is obviously doing what we always suspected....effecting EVERYBODY not just the elderly as some like to think.

Take care and don't listen to the naysayers who say it will be over soon.

I am not, don't worry....and that includes the man in the White House and the Lt Gov in Texas.

It is always so good to hear that during times of crisis there are still so many good hearted souls who go above and beyond to help improve a dreadful situation for many people.  There are also those evil self-centered assholes who care only for themselves and horde much more than they need because they are just soul-less cretins. One of them happens to be the President of the United States who wants people to risk their lives for the benefit of the economy and his re-election campaign.  If he was an ordinary citizen, he would be one of those people pushing and bullying his way to the head of the queue at the grocery store and load up 2 or 3 carts with toilet paper for himself and everyone else be damned.

Stay safe my friends and take good care of yourself.  I love the idea of staying up all night like you and and sleeping most of the day. I am a night person so that would suit me down to the ground.  I am retired too so I could get used to a schedule like that....{#basic-laugh.gif}

The onlly problem is that I don't think I really get that as much rest that way.  I have been thinking that for a while, but just can't get myself to bed at what most would call a "decent" hour.

I get on the computer and just go and go, and go......LOL

take care, take care, take care


Will do, and you do so too, Nemo.

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