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You're not qualified to diagnose people

Added: Thursday, February 2nd 2023 at 7:34pm by Troll2016

People of the internet, googling characteristics of a narcissist and seeing a few qualities that remind you of an ex isn’t enough to actually diagnosis it. Stop doing it. It isn’t helping de-stigmatize mental health issues, and in many ways, actually causes hurt in the same way that saying the weather is bipolar or someone is ‘schizo’ when they’re upset.

User Comments

Wow...I agree but have been known to use such lauguage to discribe what I think I see happening on occasion.  Just goes to show, one never gets too old to learn new things or new behaviors that would work better in the real world where people are involved.

I got annoyed with my aunt when she said, "I think we're all a little bipolar." I didn't say anything out loud, but was thinking "You realize me and my sister are both bipolar, right?"

I know, it is probably called "lazy speaking", a flippant way of trying to be funny.  That is unless she thinks she might also be bipolar.

She's just a bitter old woman.

.............and then there is that.  :)

What is this all about? Nothing sounds familiar. Did I miss a post or a comment? As for your aunt, I don't know her but I think she was just trying to lend support by making light of your condition. I don't think she was trying to hurt your feelings or even realized that it would.

Nothing to do with anyone here. It's mostly people on Facebook who throw the words "narcissist" and "narcissism" around way too much.

I think 'mental illness' is a myth and I think it's often used to justify misbehavior.

Mental illness is caused by a combination of factors, with genetic and chemical imbalances playing a large role in its development. Brain scans in some patients with mental disorders show certain areas of the brain that are different shapes or sizes compared to the rest of the population. There are measurable, physical problems within the brain that can lead to the altered thought processes common with mental illness.

Living with a true mental illness is pain!! Others take advantage of it. 



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