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Why is There Still a War on Drugs?

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 2:46am by Troll2016

Why do Americans claim to live in a free country where they're not exactly free to do as they please? I understand stripping away the freedoms of others when those others are stripping freedoms away from other people, but what about those who are minding their own business and hurting no on but themselves? If you live in a free country, you have the right to put anything you want into your own body. 

Politicians needed a moral battle to distract voters from a morally questionable war in a faraway country. This war, which started out as a $350 million waste of our money has become a $20 billion waste of our money. 

Is locking up drug users going to help them? 82% of Americans want drugs to remain illegal, 74% of Americans don't believe the War on Drugs is working. A lot of Americans on both sides see that this War on Drugs is bullshit, and it's creating more problems than it's solving.

Back in 1919 Protestant nut groups decided that the government should enforce their God-fiven right to hate drinking. So to deliver us all from their temptation, they muscled through an amendment prohibitin the manufacturing, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors or beverage purposes. But a whole lot of people wanted their hooch and violent gangland lowlifes stepped in to supply the demand. 

When you criminalize things that aren't real crimes, you still create real criminals. But what does the government want to do with the criminals it creates? 

How much of a political game is it to declare drugs the scourge of the earth then serve perfectly legal cocktails at the White House. If you're keeping up, alcohol is a drug. Alcohol is a mind-altering drug. It's the most popular, lethal, most stupid drug in the world, but the freedom to get blind stinkin drunk is every American's right to get blind stinkin drunk as long as they're not harming another person.

The War on Drugs has not made a dent in the supply of drugs. It has made it go up.

Why do we never hear that alcohol and tobacco are gateway drugs? Because they are multimillion dollar corporations. They make lots of money in our society.

What would happen is we legalized drugs? How bad would it really be? We'd have fewer victimless criminals clogging our prisons. The courts, police, and criminals would have time and money to deal with real crime. We'd take away the huge black market profits from the bad guys. We'd be able to ease some suffering. We could seriously reduce the transmission of HIV and hepatitis. We could control the quality and dosages so fewer people would get sick through contamination overdose. It's your life. Just don't force your shit on me or anyone else. 

As Americans we have an inalienable right to make up our own minds about what substances we want to take into our bodies. I don't think it's the government's purview  to say, "You can take caffeine," "You can take nicotine," "But you can't take marijuana." People have a right to control their own bodies.












User Comments

My position remains the same...


I think the biggest problem these days is that the state cannot admit it lost the war on drugs. Just like it can't admit it lost the war in Afghanistan, but won't stop there either...

These people suck!

No one can ever admit when they're wrong or when they've fucked up. It's easier to blame others.

No one can ever admit when they're wrong

Um. I can. Admit when what I've declared hitherto as truth turned out to be false. I've done so more times than I can possibly remember. That's an oath, too.

Why? Because there's BIG MONEY to be made by the PUNISHMENT PUSHERS.

Money talks, doesn't it?

Money trumps freedoms and justice. 

Now do the marching while no one is watching - go on...

A lot of us think the war on drugs would end if they'd legalize them like they did with alcohol. During prohibition everybody and his grandmother were making beer, wine and whiskey in their bathtubs and mixing stuff into it that wasn't good for people (like grain alcohol). After prohibition was ended the liquor industry was regulated and it became cheaper and safer to consume alcohol and the criminals couldn't sell their bootleg products anymore. So they lost money and went to something else e.g. drugs. 

Perfectly succinct. Now I don't have to trouble Troll2016 anymore by supplying any more commentary upon this post.

If they stopped the pharmaceutical companies would lose a lot of money and we can't have that now can we? 

Certainly not. Those are the good drug dealers after all.

If it's in a suit and pays you do whatever it says my pimp used to say. 

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