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While we Scream and Perish...

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 7:05pm by Troll2016
Category: About Me

...History Licks a Finger and Turns the Page.

Thomas Ligotti poses a question: Is being alive a good thing?

Fuck no. 

Not only does he present a decent argument as to why it's inevitably terrible to be a conscious human being, he also argues that the action of bringing other human beings into existence is absurdly and monstrously cruel. The tragedy for Ligotti is the evolution of human consciousness - the split-off of human nature - the fact that we now know we're going to die, the awareness that we're going to die. Just poof. We're gone. Alone. Forgotten. Malignantly useless. 

What happens when a puppet thinks it's a person and has an individual will and a spirit, or even worse? Meaning. A belief in a Higher Power that they believe cares about them? When it thinks it's important? I'll tell you what you get. You get a nightmare. You get a nightmare where the puppet and you have to stop thinking about reality in order to function in its puppet manner. 

You can ignore it, distract yourself, or rationalize your way out of it. You can sublimate it or channel it into your work, your hobbies, the ones that you love, your children, your obsessions, your addictions, whatever. It doesn't make a difference. You're just kidding yourself. 

The best part about it? Once you realize that, you can't un-learn it. 

So there is no hope. No salvation. The future will not save you. Tomorrow will not be a better day. In fact, it'll probably be worse. 

So forget the John Waters rule. Drink, smoke, take it where you can get it, fuck school, break things, and don't listen to your parents. Because they didn't think twice about bringing you into this fucked up slaughterhouse called life.

User Comments

This is how I think that thing called "Nihilism" is a best philosophy. And, I still think it's not necessarily depressing. It's not, mister.

Not if a person finds an overwhelmingly overarchingly goalingly type goal. A man or a woman or a neither/nor or an either/or or a none-of-the-above, etc: could choose that aforementioned goal and then name it "Intrigue".

It can make one feel better about life. You wish to find purpose but can't so fuck it. There is no purpose, rhyme, nor reason. Life has no objective meaning and one can find relief in that and it can take a huge weight off of one's shoulders.

Yes, put more elegantly, thank you for that.

I think I was born Prolific and Inquisitive at the same time.

I was born because my parents decided to fuck one night.

Sure. Mine too. Presumably Mother was at the very least "Meh" about it.

When I wrote that I was born "Prolific and Inquisitive" I don't mean that mommy and daddy meant for that to happen.

Rather I think Chance did it.

So forget the John Waters rule. Drink, smoke, take it where you can get it, fuck school, break things, and don't listen to your parents. Because they didn't think twice about bringing you into this fucked up slaughterhouse called life.

That attitude demonstrated in that, I do sincerely believe, causes depression, FO SURE.

That's a terrible, defeatist attitude. I'd rather be alive than dead. At least when you're alive you can enjoy things e.g. a pretty flower or a nice sunset plus you can find love and companionship. I've never regretted bringing children into the world. They brought me love and gave my life purpose. 

Sure. You, like other breeders, only thought about yourself when you brought children into the world.

No, I'm pretty sure I thought about the kids too. I raised them to be confident, industrious and kind. I gave them lots of love and room to grow and they've grown into pretty good people. In any case, if we didn't have "breeders" in the world human beings would become extinct. And while you may desire that, I don't. 

Since we are not eternal, and you are going to die one day, what difference will it make to you in death whether we're extinct or not?

When I'm dead, I won't care about anything, but while I'm alive I like the idea that mankind will continue to thrive. I look at my grandchildren and think about their children and their children's children carrying my genes (and my memory) forward to future generations.

Who will they be and what will they do? What kind of a world will they live in? Maybe they'll live on another planet or travel among the stars like those people on Star Trek. 

Or maybe they'll inherit a world worse than the one we have today. How cruel. The way people talk, this planet isn't getting any better so why let it go on? I say give it back to nature. We've done enough damage. I also never understood the whole carrying on one's genes, as if that somehow justifies our existence now.

It makes me feel sad to see a man so ready to give up on hope. You must find it difficult to put even one foot out of bed in the morning. It's true. We don't know what the future holds but that's what keeps life interesting. It's the hardships and challenges that bring out our creativity and our flair for invention. (If a man didn't need a bridge to get over a raging river, would he ever build one?) And it's an indomitable spirit that sees us through adversity. Even a fawn in the wood needs to keep an eye out for predators. Nature is harsh with all of us.

Lol I'm just here to see if you and Amala are going to have the same exact conversation you had when she made this exact comment on nearly the same exact post a few years ago....

I'm here to watch open minded people prove they aren't. 

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