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JaddieBlue MisterCox

What lowers abortion rates

Added: Wednesday, January 25th 2023 at 1:08pm by Troll2016
Category: Photos

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Certainly, allowing access to contraception would make abortion less likely in some cases...but sadly those that oppose abortion often also oppose contraception which I have never understood.

Free childcare would allow women who are in deep poverty to be able to afford the child that the so called pro-life people insist that she have

And finally, while standing outside a clinic and being a "dick" does nothing on the surface, it might keep women from yielding to the pressure of dead beat dads...since the woman is the one that has her life most impacted.

I don't get how people can oppose contraception. I'm with you. I don't get it, either.

I bet this double digit IQ genius holding this sign wants tax payers to foot the bill for (not) free childcare and contraceptives.

For people not sucking off the Gov tit, that's being a dick...

I'm not at all against contraceptives and I encourage the "pro abortion" left to use them frequently since the pivot from "pro choice". The right is too draconian on the issue but the left is just pure evil.


What most lowers in fact elimates abortion is abstinence. Jus sayin.

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