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Sold Out

Added: Saturday, April 1st 2023 at 6:07pm by Troll2016

I have a few concerts lined up for this year. Going to see Stevie Nicks for the second time in May with my mom, Hope, and RJ. Going to see Matchbox 20 (don't judge me) with them again in June. Going to see Pantera and Lamb of God with my friend Stephen in September. I saw on Facebook where one of mine and Stephanie's favorite musicians -- Nick Cave -- is going to be in Atlanta in October. I went to buy the two of us some tickets and they're already sold out. We're both disappointed about that. I don't know if any of you are familiar with his work, but he did the song "Red Right Hand" that appear in the Scream movies. I'll admit that was my first introduction to him when I was a kid. I got more into him in high school when my friend Steven introduced me to more of his songs and I became a fan. You have to jump on concert tickets fast. I didn't think his would sell out as quickly as they did. Only people I know who like him are me, Stephanie, and Steven. Ah well. I'll find ashow for Stephanie and me to attend one of these days I'm sure. In the meantime, here's one of my favorites of his:

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I like the delisciously weird sound.

Check out some more of his stuff. He's really good.

When it comes to music/art, Nick is one of those artists I would have been shocked if he didn't denounce cancel culture. Thankfully he did. Too many artists are cowards.

I prefer the post punk days, but he evolved into the 90s remarkably well and for some people, even peaked there. I enjoyed the bits of his work in Peaky Blinders..

Saw him live in 1989 at the place where Dimebag Darrell was murdered.


I'm envious of you. The one time I have an opportunity to see him here and the shit is sold out already. Stephanie and I were really looking forward to going.

Love that Stevie Nicks. Calling her "icon" would be an understatement.

Agreed. She was amazing when we saw her last year. Didn't diappoint at all.

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