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AmalaTsering Jayyyohhh

More on Diogenes the Cynic

Added: Monday, November 30th 2020 at 2:28am by Troll2016
Category: Education > History

User Comments

Wow,  I am speechless.

I have a feeling that speechless is one thing Diogenes never was. Lol

Probably.  And usually I am not, but somehow this just sent my tongue on holiday.

I dont know whether to just laugh or go and google him...lol.

Why not both? He was an interesting fella, to say the least.

Ahh shit. Am I going to have to dye my hair red now? But I've loved blue all my life!!

No, I must not complain. I have learned something from this video. I shall become bald. Just by willing it so. I shall conform to Diogenes's way of life. I shall follow nobody, by following his example.

I wonder if there was anyone in history who was more cynical, but just went that bit too far and ended up thrown to the bottom of a Greek ravine, to be pissed on by drunkards and forgotten by the ages.

I'm sure that's exactly what he wanted as well. There's no dignity in death anyway.

He sounds like a mad man, Diogenes. Or someone who would be called mad. Why do we know about him and why was Alexander so taken with him?

Alexander was taken by the cynic philosophy, the simplicity of it all. He wanted to meet the man responsible for it, the person who valued no material possessions and lived as he wished to live, not as society said he should.

Thank you for your answer, Sandman!

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