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Having Children is Selfish

Added: Wednesday, November 30th 2022 at 5:38pm by Troll2016

I know not everyone agrees with my antinatalist views. Amala being one of them. We tend to disagree on everything. She seems to think that not having children is selfish. I think differently. I think having children is utterly selfish because anytime you ask someone why they wanted children their sentence starts with "I."

"I wanted someone to carry on my legacy,"

"I wanted to someone to carry on my family name,"

"I wanted something to love unconditionally,"

"I wanted something to love me unconditionally."

All of these point to selfish reasons for having children. It always focuses on their hopes and dreams, on their needs.

The explanation is pretty simple: there isn't a single selfless reason to have children. The one and only selfless parent is the one who adopts a child. There are so many in the foster care system that are unloved and unwanted. If you wanted to truly be selfless then adopt a child and take care of it. Don't go spitting out more.

I became an antinatalist for moral reasons. There is too much pain and suffering in the world to bring a child into it and have it endure said pain and suffering: from accidentally falling and hitting your head to losing a loved on. Life is pain. The only way to keep people from experiencing pain is to not create more people.

Do the world a favor and stop reproducing.

User Comments

Even those who adopt sometimes do it for selfish reasons.  Now I don't say in condemnation because i am the "product" of an adoption that had a selfish component to it.  My mother felt the need for a child, was unsure about having a healthy baby naturally and so adopted.

Now, I am not saying my mother didn't love me, and certainly I had a better life than I would have in all likelihood if I hadn't been adopted, but there is no question that having or adopting because one "NEEDS" a child to feel like one's life is worthwhile is a somewhat selfish act.

But then I think most things people do have some semi-selfish motivation.  However, at the same, I applaud your resolve and sticking to your moral position of not bring addition humans into the world.  What you do or don't do in your case, does no harm to anybody, (not even another potentially unhappy child/adult in the future) so why anybody would question your right to your position I don't understand.  You do you, as some say.

I don't know why my position on not having children seems to bother others. It hurts no one.

Some people can't learn a concept called "mine your own business", they want everybody to live like they do...maybe it is to reassure themselves that THEY made the right choices.  I don't know.

When my wife was alive Troll, it never was I about children. It was a discussion and it was a we thing. In 1993 when my wife die, it was a blessing having OUR daughter. Some people want children for an "I" reason. Our reason was to have a children that we could love a cherish. And since 1993 it has been me that has loved and cherished our daughter. It is a joy having a daughter, even though she lives across the States, she is a blessing. And it was not selfish having our daughter Troll. It was a BLESSING. Bro. Doc

Right. It was a joy for you. Selfish.

Why selfish? It was not done for a selfish reason at all. When you read the Bible you will see what it says about children. Bro. Doc

Ecclesiastes 4:2-3.

Now, Troll, here are some Scriptures that talk about children. Ps 127:3-5; Prov 22:6; Col 3:20; Ps 113:9; Mt 18:10; 10:13-16; Ps 139:13-16; Ps 8:2.

Now the Father in Heaven designed that we should have children. And He gave His stamp of approval or blessings on it. So why should we go against Him Troll? Bro. Doc

So am I sinning for choosing to not have children?

Troll, you are not sinning at all. Noy everyone is cut out to have children. But it is not selfish to have have them. This is what I was pointing out. Children are not for everyone Troll, and not everyone whoever they are may not make good parents. Having children is between you and the Almighty Troll. Bro. Doc

I think the happiness of being alive far outweighs the pain. That is why most parents care that their kids are happy. Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, a good education and teaching right from wrong (along with countless other things) creates a happy childhood and an adult that learns from pain. Like breaking a bone can teach someone to work on coordination. A bad relationship can help someone make better choices. Pain, imo, is necessary for growth.

I have suffered tremendously in life, it all made me stronger. Of course I needed a lot of help, but I am truly happy now.

My point is that parents care very much that their kids live happy lives.

I understand we all have different points of views, but I want to add that I am glad my parents had me. I love them very much.

I care so much for other people that I choose not to have them at all.

I have always said, that a child does not have the option of saying whether it wants to be born. Most people do have kids because they WANT a child.

Good post and I do agree. Not to mention the population is out of control.

There are many unwanted pregnancies in which the mother has the child for the child's sake. Then they love their child once they build the bond.

All of one's actions including speech and the written word originate from within, therefore all actions are of the self or selfish.

"Troll2016, you post on Blogster." --a selfish action on my part

I decided a long time ago that I would never willingly bring a child into this world, and I look at how our society treats children today- (especially in public schools) selfish or not, I am quite content with that decision.

I decided a long time ago not to have children as well. I don't think it's fair to the child to bring it into a world such as this one.

I agree.

Let me say to all that decided to not have children. It is there choice to or not to have children. But no one is selfish if they do. Bro. Doc

I still disagree and believe it is absolutely selfish to bring another human into this world, especially with the world being the way it is these days. Who could possibly think it's a good idea to bring a child into this?

Read the Bibl Troll, the world has been messed up ever since Eve & Adam sinned and it is only going to get worse. But Scripture tells to multiply and replenish the earth. One day it will be better Trool Bro. Doc

At 8 billion people I think we've multiplied enough.

Troll, IF man had not sinned, all the people from the beginning of time would be living on this earth, and they would all be able to live here not matter what the population. IF we were not to replenish the earth after the fall, He would have not said so my friend. Bro. Doc

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