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Drugs and Doctors

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, January 31st 2023 at 10:43am by Troll2016
Category: About Me

I saw my neurologist today and told her about the seizures I've been having. She's diagnosed me with epilepsy, migralepsy, and syncope. She noticed my tremors are back, which is a side effect of one of my meds she prescribed and asked if I wanted her to prescribe something for the tremors. I said not just yet. I want to wait on having another medication to take. I already take enough pills as it is. She also updated my low-TCH oil card, which is kind of bogus because even if you have the card in Georgia there's nowhere you can get the low-THC oil. I'll just stick to getting my marijuana from my friend/dealer. Maybe one day insurance will pay for marijuana and it will be available in Georgia, but I don't see that happening with Kemp in office since he's one of those that thinks marijuana leads to heroin.

I read an article just now that lawmakers in Georgia want to ban the sale of delta-8, which is less potent than delta-9, which is the marijuana you think of when you're thinking about the shit that's illegal. Again, I ask "why?" I fully support and understand making it illegal for those under the age of 21, but as someone who is above 21 I think marijuana (all drugs, really) should be treated the same as alcohol and tobacco. Hell, I think all the shit that requires you to be 21 to purchase should be lowered to 18. You can go and kill and die in a war you don't agree with at 18. You can buy your own gun at 18 so why can't you be free to have a few drinks or do some drugs at 18?

Thankfully kratom can't be touched in the state of Georgia. I'd like to thank my friend Joe for doing his part in that. He's a huge proponent of kratom and was the one who introduced me to it. It helped him kick his opiate addiction. Kratom helps my back pain as I've mentioned. Marijuana helps me sleep and helps me relax from time to time. Alcohol does nothing but get people into trouble. Sure there are responsible drinkers out there, but you also have your power drinkers and drinkers that are looking for a fight when they've had to much. Plus there are the idiots who think it's a great idea to get behind the wheel and drive when they've had too much.

I saw my primary care doctor yesterday and my bloodwork came back. He said everything looked good. I told him about the back pain I was experiencing and told him I mainly take kratom for it and had to explain to him what kratom was. I asked if there was anything he could prescribe like Naproxen or something along those lines. I told him it's not excruciating. On a pain scale it's not a 10 or anything like that, but it is uncomfortable. He said he'd look into something for me that's not going to interfere with the meds I'm already taking.

In another month I'll have to go to my hometown to get bloodwork for my cardiologist then in March I'll have to see him to go over the bloodwork and talk with him about any concerns I have. My psychiatrist appointment isn't until April unless I need her before then.

In summation: I'm still alive and kicking. And it should be up to you what you put in your own body.

User Comments

My mother had seizures, I think epilepsy, or at least that is what I was told by my mother. I had never heard of the other two...but it sounds like they have a lot in common.

I am not one to take medicine or didn't use to be...now I take the 6 I am required to take every to stay functional plus a multi-vitamin and occasionally a zzquil or two to sleep.

I think that definitely if a person finds something that helps in the case of a illnes, whether it be pot or katom it should be legal.  In fact, either one would be better than alcohol based on how much damage it CAN do.....and has done over the years.

Did you know studies were done in the past where magic mushrooms and LSD helped people with alcoholism?

No, not really, but not really a surprise.

I told him about the back pain I was experiencing...anything he could prescribe like Naproxen or something

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Tramadol https://www.drugs.com/search.php?searchterm=tramadol&a=1

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Ideally, I'd ask for Vicodin, but doctors are so greedy with that shit.

Maybe Norco would be better? It's Vicodin without the acetaminophen. Your liver.

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