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MarissaG scenefromtheleft

Can anyone explain this to me?

Added: Monday, January 30th 2023 at 7:16pm by Troll2016

Can anyone on here explain what "woke culture" or "wokeness" is? I'm not fully understanding.

User Comments

Troll go to this sitr and you will see what it means.

https://www.bingedaily.in/article/what-is-woke-culture        Bro. Doc

Thank you, sir.

YW. Bro. Doc

Glad to oblige! From urbandictionary.com:

woke Originally intended to mean "alert to civil rights issues" or "takes an enlightened approach to civil rights", its meaning has changed. It is now associated with adopting an obsessive, blinkered or deliberately obtuse approach to certain civil rights, particularly in relation to equality. It refers to an approach which is overall and on balance harmful to society, ignores context and counterpoints, and is ignorant of the wider ramifications of the position taken.

Under the pretense of being politically correct, the "woke" person is, ironically, asleep, in that they are ignorant of or unconcerned by the harms caused by their actions. Such harms may include:
• damage to freedom of expression and freedom of association
• the diminution of comedy, and artistic license in music, to the point that it becomes dull
• stifling of conversation
• fear of expressing an alternative opinion or calling out that which is evidently nonsense
• feelings of being browbeaten, helpless and living in a dystopian society
• diversion of societal focus away from more pressing issues affecting society
• the breakdown of language and societal structures
• discrimination and prejudice against others with particular characteristics - typically those who, in a particular location or organisation, are in a majority - under the guise of improving equality and acting on behalf of the minority.

The "woke" person may be acting in their own self-interests to achieve their own ends. They is only one person, but they has a big effect on everyone around them. They's so woke that they can't function properly in life, it's hard to understand them, and even their friends can't keep track of their pronouns.

He's so woke that he's asleep.

Wokey dokey. by peachxylophoneduck February 9, 2022

Thank you, MisterCox.

I don't agree with the prior speaker...I believe that wokeness rightly defined is sensitivity to the pains of those that have been long disenfranchised.  Are some people too sensitive? Perhaps. But since I don't walk around in Black, Asian, Hispanic or Islamic skin, I strive to respect those sensative areas that they report are of concern to them.

That applies to trans and the rest of the LGBTQ demographics as well....which is the category at least three of us on this site fall into and all three of us have had issues coming from the intolerant that are our "co-members" here on Blogster..

The prior speaker shared views that are widely held by a majority at this point, and that includes many prominent lefties who will not be associated with wokeness. 

You demonstrate the problem with wokeness right here in your comments. You make the incorrect assumption that walking around in a certain "skin" means you're disenfranchised or have pains. Like much of the progressive left you fail to recognize it's the bigotry of low expectations you hold. And who is more fed up with it than anyone? Black folks lol. All the time now we're seeing the same message from blacks. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS! WE ARE NOT HELPLESS! But for the woke, they must be victims otherwise what are you gonna talk about? Everyone knows there is racism and discrimination, but you WOKE have made SKIN the one and only factor which is clearly missing much of why people suffer.

The woke are the absolute worst allies anyone could have because all it does is create a culture of victims, which then end up with a life of dependency on Government. Weird how that's working out, huh? You're supporting the wrong ideas!

And yes, since you're speaking of me let me be clear. I'm not a "co" anything of you, or a member on Blogster. I am however a follower and supporter of Gays Against Groomers and the "Pedophilia isn't a sexual preference" crowd, tho...  which is why I'm 1000% intolerant of the views expressed that clearly fall on the wrong side of right and wrong, by any reasonable measure. You three have shown either support or blatant wilful ignorance towards the sickest of the sick when it comes to LGBT.... When you have an ever growing movement of Gays against sick gay shit, perhaps it's time to pause and reflect? No, instead you just deem anyone who questions anything whatsoever related to LGBT as a bigot. 

And THAT is a cult, and the cult is WOKENESS.



Now in relation to humor, I am all for jokes. I like to laugh and a good comic can find a way to make us laugh at ourselves and each other while still honoring who we are as people.  If they can't or won't do that, I have no reason to support them when it comes to my attention.

What others want to do in that result is up to them but I don't accept racist or homophobic or transphobic humor as being truely funny.  that is my choice and I don't apologize for it.  And why would we have to entertain ourselves by ridiculing a group that are not affecting us in any way.  That's like fat jokes, I had a friend that refused to listen to people like Joan River and her fat jokes because to her, with Joan not herself being large, the jokes were mean spirited.  However, a guy who was large himself told "fat jokes" and she felt that he was good natured in his josing.

We all make judgements about who and what we tolerate.

I think what MisterCox posted covers it enough as a primer. If you're wanting a more intellectual take, there are good books. Most of the best I've read come from the left, or center perspective. To understand woke culture, listen to the liberals who fit the "I didn't leave the left, the left left me"..profile.  They get it.

Wokeness now is nothing more than a tool to bully people and corporations into submission to their views and rules, which are disastrous in so many ways and we're seeing the results. It's mostly the left, but there is plenty of support coming from the establishment right as well. They're all authoritarian. Their rules, their way, or destroy everything. That's the game.

I think the woke are losing, finally... but the inmates are still running the asylum.. 


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