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Birthday Shenanigans

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, March 18th 2023 at 5:52pm by Troll2016
Category: About Me

I am officially exhausted. Woke up to a call from my mom this morning. "You up?"

"Yep. Just got out of the shower. What's up?"

"Is Stephanie there yet?"

"She said she will be in an hour."

"OK. I'm gonna come over with your gifts and we can wait on her then meet Hope and RJ and head to Atlanta."

Mom came over and gave me my gifts: A Sandman shirt which I've wanted since I was a kid and started reading the comics. Prince and the Revolution's Purple Rain on vinyl, Tom Waits' Blood Money on vinyl and the book The Cement Garden. She also got me some CBD gummies and a pre-rolled joint of weed which I plan on smoking here in a few minutes.

Stephanie came over soon after with a book for me, Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero. I haven't made up my mind about him yet. I loved his book American Psycho. I hated his book Glamorama. We'll see how this one pans out.

We headed up to Hapeville, GA to get Hope and RJ then headed to Little Five Points in Atlanta which is a cool little area full of different shops and my favorite burger joint/bar called The Vortex (thevortexatl.com if you want to check it out.) I've tried every burger on the menu over the years since I turned 21 years ago. All except for one, the Elvis Burger, which has peanut butter and plantains on it. Just doesn't sound appetizing to me. I got the mushroom and blue cheese burger with tater tots. Had a good stout beer and a double shot of some whiskey. I asked for Jack Daniel's, but what they gave me was in fact not Jack. I didn't complain though. I didn't pay for it. Mom paid for everything. Afterward we went to this little book, music, and clothing store called Junkman's Daughter and looked around for a bit. Hope and Mom stayed in there while RJ, Stephanie, and I went to a couple of record stores where I bought Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power, ModestMouse'sTheLonesome Crowded West, Primus' Pork Soda, and Alice in Chains' Dirt. I had all of them on CD but I wanted to get them on vinyl. The guy running one of the stores was a huge Pantera fan and got all sorts of excited when I told him I'd be seeing them in September.

The three of us met back up with Mom and Hope and went to a brewery RJ heard about and wanted to try. He got all of us except Mom a beer since Mom hates beer. I ordered another stout. I don't know what it is about cold weather, but stouts just hit the spot when it's cold.

It's funny. When I was younger I didn't think rap required any talent, but Stephanie, RJ, and I stopped and listened to this guy on the sidewalk just rapping away. I told RJ about my opinion of rap when I was younger and told him I'd changed my mind because there's absolutely no way I could just freestyle like that guy was doing. None of us had cash on us or we would have dropped a few bucks in his tip jar he had beside him.

We all returned back to Hope and RJ's and hung out and played with their dog for a bit. They've taught that smart little shit how to play hide and seek with her toys. They'll hide it and tell her to go into the bedroom. She'll come out and they'll tell her to find her toy. She'll sniff around until she finally finds it. She's an intelligent little cookie.

Got back to my house. Stephanie's staying over so she's gonna have some drinks while I smoke this joint. Only downside of the day was me having a seizure when I was walking to the front door so she had to help me in the house.

Well that's it for now. Like I said, I'm gonna go smoke this joint and hang out with her for a bit and see where the night takes us. Hope everyone else is having a great night as well.

User Comments

Wow, your mother is a wonder,bought you something that is in your taste.  My mother, when she had the money tended to buy me clothes, sometimes I liked, sometimes now.  She seems atune to your taste, which I think is nice.

Have fun with Stephanie, and no, plantain or peanut either one do NOT belong on hamburgers.

My mom's always been great and always gives great gifts. Stephanie and I had a blast. She's still here so we may do something today as well.

Sounds like a real fun day out.  

It really was!

Happy belated birthday.  {#blower2.gif}

Thank you!

Sounds like you had a birthday cut out just for you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Please don't drive after you smoke that joint. 

I can't drive anyway due to epilepsy. No worries!

Sorry. I forgot about that. {#embarassed.gif}

What JaddieBlue said. Both remarks.

Thank you!

What Mrcox said

Thank you kindly!

What 1dercox said 


Thanks, Scott!

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