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Trying To Make Sense Of Illhan Omar Statement - Some People Did Something

Added: Monday, April 15th 2019 at 9:13am by Thewritertwo

Omar's speech came across as insensitive, but to who? Was to the 911 victims? Was it to Americans? But which Americans? Was it Muslim Americans? Black Americans? White Americans? Let me see if I can make sense of her statement and wrap up what I think.

Back in 1979, Grenada had a bloodless coup, well not entirely bloodless as one person died. Not bad for a coup. It brought to power a Revolutionary Government who were for a long period of time victimized and some members killed by a Dictator who ruled for 12 years. Then something happened. Three months into the revolution, the then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was giving a speech to a rally of locals and a bomb went off a few yards from the stage he was speaking. Three schoolgirls lost died. The people were angry. They got behind their government. There was a rush to find the attackers and they were found pretty soon and they died a bloody death at the hands of the government. Years later, conspiracy theorists came up with evidence that the whole bomb scene was strategically planned by the military. If you asked me, I wouldn't be able to tell you anything other than some people did something. Does that make me insensitive to the 3 students who lost their lives? No, it doesn't.What is even more appalling is that we got 4 years of State Capitalism or Socialism and we were heading to full-blown Communism where the same government that was persecuted before they were in power were doing the persecution. They used the attack to justified their actions and to promote their agenda. They took away free speech and a lot of freedoms. They took back properties from citizens to build an international airport. Took back foreign-owned utility businesses and made it government run.

When 911 happened, I was shocked to the point where my brain couldn't grasp the magnitude of what took place. Americans came together and stood with George Bush. He said that we were going to find the people who did this. Years later as conspiracy theorists that showing us proof that may implicate our government and allies, my whole attitude towards 911 changed. I was even more disappointed that the government didn't release the full transcript of the 911 findings. I was surprised that we never held Saudi Arabia accountable for 911. So if you ask me what I think of Illhan Omar saying that some people did something, I have no problem with her statement. I don't see it as offensive to the dead. I think it points a finger at the government and raises the question that I always had and still wonder. What did they know and what's in the report? We've given up a lot of civil liberties since 911. Now some States are taking away guns from their citizens. Idon't own a gun, but if I did I would be very concerned that the government is continuing to infringe on the rights given in the Constitution. 

I wonder if the outrage on Illhan Omar is not about what she said, but the fact that she is Muslim?

What if Donald Trump had said it? He would have been treated as a hero and a patriot and carried around in the arms of Americans who no longer trust their government.

So I conclude that the outrage of Illhan Omar is not about what was said, but about who said it.


User Comments

Omar doesn't get to play the Muslim card every time she's disagreed with.  Nor is she entitled to play the woman card, the black woman card, or any other 'identity' card to justify what comes out of her mouth.

These cards are OLD and TIRED and people are becoming IMMUNE to them, apparently no one ever read these children the story about a boy who cried wolf.

She could have done the mature thing and said "Perhaps the language I used was imprecise and I meant no offense by it" and moved on.  But no, she goes on the offensive, doubling down.

This ain't the first time her mouth has gotten her into trouble, and I can guarantee it won't be the last.

I don't think we can get away from using these valuable cards you mentioned. But one can't ignore what has happened since 911 when it comes to civil liberties.

But one can't ignore what has happened since 911 when it comes to civil liberties.

Yet, millions have and continue to do so.

Omar is trying to stir shit. Period! She gets off on it and is a disgusting POS imo. I could not care less that she's Muslim. I haven't said a word about her until today either. For me, she's just a part of the Government this country deserves.

I don't know what shit she is stirring. I don't even know about how ideologies or what she has done in the past, but on this issue, she is spot on. Depending on whether a person trusts the government or not, will frame their response to what she said. She is not saying anything different from what thinking people have put out there. 

You don't speak for any thinking person I know. If you can't see that she immediately started in on divisive issues, and started spewing vague this and thats the MINUTE she got into Congress, then you don't know wtf shit stirring is. Perhaps she should learn the job first?

Yeah. I don't know about her other issues, but on this issue, she has a point. Congress is a rat race in my opinion.

What point is that? She doesn't even know when CAIR was founded. She talks out of her ass.

Yes, she got that wrong.

She doesn't know the first thing about loss of liberties. All she did here is what all intellectual lightweights do and that's make herself the victim.

I fail to see a point. If you're equating her with those who fight for liberty and 9/11 truth then that's absurd.

She is made a statement that showed the change with civil liberties after 911, so in that context, I see nothing wrong with the statement. 

I fail to see how it "showed" that? Explain?

Since 9/11 we've seen a step up in security from the government surveillance to the collection of personal data, hacking of phones, attacks on freedom of speech, and they are coming from guns.

Now you're speaking for her, revealing that you're not concerned with liberties, rather, you're offended by the fact she's under attack.

I can't speak on her behalf. She is a Muslim and her experience will have additional scenarios since 9/11. 

You just did speak for her.

writer there is no win in this agrument with some people!  You have tried to show how someone from a different culture with real world experiences may have viewed this situation.....but right now there are some people in this country who only see things through their own lens!

Good try though! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Haha. I see such a difference between Americans who get to experience different cultures especially those who serve in the military. Many Americans who haven't lived in other countries have a narrow view of the world and its many cultures that's why it is easy for the government to manipulate their minds.

Coming from someone with a statist lens the size of straw who could not care less about civil liberties. When she goes off the rails completely, you'll be writing a blog acting like her Grandpa giving her an amateurish scolding...

Hey, Writer... go ahead and try to push what you just said about 9/11 into the thick skull of this bootlicker? If I said the same exact shit on his page, he would instantly dismiss as "conspiracy theorist nonsense". Always trying to have it multiple ways is AFRAUD. He goes the way of the wind.

I like to see you teach me something about other cultures around the world, current or historically, as it applies to this issue. LOL Go for it, writer...   get Amod's help.. not that it will help you.

This issue is one that infringes of freedom of speech, a topic that you care about. I'm surprised that we are even on opposing sides of this because it was said by Illhan Omar. If Trump had said it, I would have seen it as an accurate statement. Why do you see it different?

It is heartbreaking what came out of 9/11 and how the government protected Saudi Arabia after the attack. I don't know how we can ever get back to believing in the government.

I just watched all 22 minutes of her speech and I challenge you and AFRAUD to debate it.

Until you do, you're both full of shit. Point for point starting with minute #1. She doesn't know WTF she's talking about.

You think I have a problem with her actually saying these things? LOL No, I'm not Fox News bro....

I looked for the speech but didn't find it. Again, I looked at it from the context of the line that the media particularly FOX News was talking about. I'll look for the speech again and see if I have a different perspective of what she said.

Sometimes, I do get the feeling that you are FOX News. 

Sometimes, I do get the feeling that you are FOX News.

Then you're a moron. 

I'd fucking wipe the floor with you and your bigot friend on the issues she raised.

You have the same disease as all statists and leftists.... one size fits all logic.

You're as phony as AFRAUD.

Max, I was joking. What's up with you? 

Here is my only concern with what Omar said.....she needed to be PC about that particular subject just because of who she is!!

Now some of the same people who are condemning her will say that they love Donald Trump because he is not PC!  Well guess what, we live in a society where some people can get away with not being PC while others cannot!

What has been lost in all of this was the point that she was trying to make (which she did not do very well) that is that Hate Crimes are on the raise and that Muslim Americans are being targeted again!

She could have used Australia to make her point and most people would not have even bothered.....but because Omar makes good press for the right, she stepped into it!

This is one of those no win agruments.....Omar is one of those "others"...and right now the far right wants to make hay off of every little none thing she does!

But nothing about the Bill Board in WV that threatened her life.  I wrote in another site this  morning that when someone either kills Omar or hurts someone else in an efford to kill Omar, I wonder what the rapid right will say then!

Geez!   This woman and OAC are lightweights that have gotten tnto the heads of the far right!


Wear a MAGA hat in America today and you'll learn what a hate crime is, you dishonest bigot.

She could have avoided the topic like many do, but as a Muslim, this must be an important topic for her followers. They've suffered the most since the attacks. But as I said if Trump had said, he would have been hailed a hero.

writer which goes again to my point of knowing when you can/must be PC!

It also goes to the point I made about Omar and AOC getting into the heads of some on the right!  Neither of these people have any clout or sway in their Party!  It was reported lately that some of the people in her immigrant community are concerned about the negative attention that she has drawn!

But as with so many things....often people on the extreme right can carry things too far.  Compared to some of the things Trump has said over the last few years....this was mild! 

And yes she could have avoided the topic completely and still gotten her point across! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Well, Trump didn't make it easy on her by what he did with his tweet of the twin towers. He gave White domestic terrorists something to think about.

Again writer I totally agree.  This poor woman is getting extra security for what?  Trump and McCarthy both said similiar things about the Jewish Community and it got little or no press!

Right now he (Trump) is acting more like a pertulant child......than a President.  I am working on a piece about his foreign policy positions...but no one will pay attention because he will continue to distract with issues like Omar!

It will b interesting to see what you came up with. His foreign policy is nonexistent at the moment. He is operating as a puppet on a string, chasing promises of high ticket items that never manifest while these countries commit genocide.

Wow!!!   Did you sneak a look at my draft?{#basic-laugh.gif}

Haha. Trump is that shallow.

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