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Trump Needs To Fire Alexander Acosta

Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 6:52am by Thewritertwo

I listened to Alexander Acosta take questions from the media and he spoke well. He seems pretty knowledgeable. One could understand the difficult situation he was placed in trying to bring Epstein to some form of justice. The strategies he had to take to make it possible. What concerned me though was the reason he gave for not going after those who participated in Epstein childsex predator ring. He said basically that he saw more value in going after the head. To me that was a missed opportunity to bring the whole network of the child sex predator ring down. Such a dangerous ring that reduces children to sex slaves robbing them of potential dreams to reach their true greatness. It seems kind of odd that Acosta should be allowed to be in charge of anything in a Trump's goverment much less Labor Secretary. It seems to me that the justice department should be conducting extensive interviews with anyone whose been to Epstein's island or on his planes and anyone who worked for him. Thename of Epstein's plane, the name Lolita Express should have been a red flag as it is based on a book and then movie about a professor's infactuation with an underage girl. Did Bill Clinton know any of this before he flew on the plane or visited the island? 

Trump was accused of having sex with a 13 year old in 1994. That would have been before Epstein activities in 2002. Trump would have known the dangers of being around Epstein and he was one of the most cooperative persons who told investigators what he knew about Epstein. Trump even banned Epstein from Mar a Lago. The fact is someone needs to grow a pair and bring down this predator ring while the iron is hot and Acosta has proven that he doesn't have the pair to bring them down. It gives me an uncomfortable feeling knowing that he is the guy in charge as Labor Secretary. It makes me feel kind of curious as to the backstory of how he got the position. Is he being propped up by the powerful in exchange for not exposing them? Is his hands tied? Can we count on Trump to fire him? Or is his hands tied also? It's a sad awakening in America, so sad. 


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Trump and Epstein had a falling out over a property that trump went behind Epsteins back and bought, which he later sold to a Russian oligarch site unseen. If you think Trump has clean hand in this, you are deluding yourself. Acosta should be fired, and so should TRUMP!

This whole presidency has been nothing but a big shit show, one friggin scandal after another, people being told to ignore supeonas, and now the citizenship question is going to be put on the cenus against a court order... 

Yup, a lot of people should be fired... 

Based on what I wrote, I am suspicious of all of them including Trump.

Hey skip...this is off the topic of this post but since you brought it up...

The citizenship question is important and I am surprised the census has not included it before, but as Trump recently stated, there are other ways to get a certain amount of this information through other record keeping systems.

You can live your entire life in America and never become a citizen if you were born elsewhere and choose not to.  You simply have to maintain a green card (permanent lawful resident) and that means you've got to renew it every ten years and pay the fee.

The census itself is important because it determines how state and federal funds are allocated based on population and need.  Why would citizenship info be helpful in that case?  I'll tell ya!  There are only so many INS service centers in the country, and immigrants (legal ones) have to travel to one of these centers from time to time for interviews and ID documents, etc.  When we lived in Richmond, VA, the closest one was in Norfolk, almost 100 miles away, and I imagine that distance is short compared to how far folks in less populated states might have to go.

If, for example, the census question about citizenship status showed a large population in an area grossly underserved by INS, it could free up federal funds to build new service centers to make the immigration process easier for ALL.

Answering "no" to the question "are you a US citizen?" does not automatically indicate a person is here illegally, not even close.  We have millions of legal non-citizens living here for a wide variety of reasons, education, work, medical treatment visas, legal permanent residents, etc.

Real immigration reform can not take place, can never take place, until we understand just who is already here and how many of them there are, and where they've settled.

And btw...you got it wrong, the question will NOT be on the 2020 census.  Trump will still get his information, but it's going to cost the taxpayer more and it may not be current because it will have to be culled from other INS records.


No, he should not be fired at this point because the facts are unclear.

By his own words in that news conference, I think it is a good idea for Trump to fire him.

Yeah, I read the post.... but apparently you missed the most important part. We need to know the truth of what was said about Acosta's office, and the State officials. One is saying Acosta's office stepped in when the state was gonna let him skate, and the state is disputing that. Do you know who is right? No, you don't.

CNN and Pelosi think just like you. You might wanna give that some throught today?

I really don't care about what CNN and Pelosi thinks. I didn't listen to what Pelosi or CNN said. I came to the conclusion after his press conference.

I know, it just happened to be exatly the same. They don't care about the fact I pointed out either.

Everyone is ready to fire people based on feelings.

Not based on feelings, but based on what he failed to do and the reason he gave for not doing it.

And you're ignoring that he would have not served any time or be registered as a sex offender if they hadn't done the little they did.

I'm not defending Acosta. He may be up to his eyeballs in this. We don't know... but I do know that you've come to a conclusion without doing any research and I can see that does not matter to you.

Nope. I came to the conclusion based on his press conference and I gave him a lot of credit for doing the conference and his intelligence.

I heard you the first three times. Doesn't change anything I said. If you wanna draw your conclusions based on a few things from the press conferance and ignore all else that makes that decision look foolish, you go right ahead. I don't care what credit you give him or what you think of his intelligence.

writer I have to disagree with you on this one....but not for the reason you might think!

Trump does not need to fire Acosta.....from all appearances Acosta has done about as good as he could as Labor Secretary, and for that reason the POTUS should not as him to leave.

On the other hand....Acosta should "Resign"!!  This practice of placing my office and the people before myself seems to be a lost art these days.  Acosta should see that he has been compromised in his present position especially because it is the Dept. of Labor who has responsibility for "Child Trafficing"!  

Acosta yesterday threw a lot of other people under the bus and in essence claimed that it wasn't his fault.  Again, I think it is all nonsense....I long for the day that people considered their interity to be most important!

He should resign....and then fight to defend his name....thus allowing the Labor Dept to continue work without the pressure of this nonsense....but Trump should not fire him!


I agree with you and like the points you covered, but I still think Trump should distance himself from him and give him the boot. 

AMOD, I don't know about you, but anybody I've ever worked for, if we had a employee fuck up badly, they got fired, and Acosta fucked up badly. You do know he just quashed a bill for funding to protect children from child trafficers? I wonder why?

Totally understand jj......but that was a fuck up in another (previous) position!

Now the quashing of the funding was not what I would have liked, but it was in keeping with what the Trump Administration has been doing, thus as far as Trump is concerned he is doing a good job in his present position!

Now, as far as his previous screw up.....that's why I say he should have enough respect for himself and the Labor Dept. to resign.  In years pass...anyone in a similiar situation would have resigned!  It's this fight everything to the end attitude of the Trump Administration...right or wrong...that is killing us!

We can also say that previous screw up should have prevented him from being given his present job in the first place....but of course he was not vetted properly!

If the guy had any self respect....he would resign today!

... I agree, he should be fired. But there are so many high-level people involved in Epstein’s world it would probably bring down the government and everyone in it. Ebstein’s a sick man God will deal with him ! I hope more women stand up to what Epstein And his ugly group of the elites have done to them! Would love to see tons of people behind bars for this mess. Perhaps if Acosta is fired, he would sing like a bird But more than likely Acosta is involved with Epstein’s lifestyle also. Very very sad times in the world, Satan has too much power and it shows. Good post Writer, think you

Thanks. What the whole things show is that where as we should be taking the opportunity to destroy the serpents that are eating the most vulnerable of our society, we are spending more time trying to preserve the children of the serpent and I can't give Acosta credit for doing that. It only exposes how deeply sad a state of affairs we are living in.

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