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Trump In Campaign Mode - Race Baiter-In-Chief - But Can He Win?

Added: Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 6:09am by Thewritertwo

You would have think that with such a strong economy, Trump would have had the easiest of messages to secure his re-election, but No, Trump is not prepared to take any chances. Trump's latest slogan "Send her back" is a dog whistle for White Supremacists. It falls in line with his immigration theme. It has pumped up its Republican base, but incidentally, I still hear some calling Obama Deporter-In-Chief. They said Obama deported far more people than Trump did. Does that mean that the fear Republicans have of immigrants is baseless since both Republicans and Democrats deport illegals? Never-the-less, Trump is latching on to the fear of White Americans that they are losing the country. And yes, that is a valid fear. I recently moved back to Texas after living in San Francisco and I was surprised by how few the White population was in that city. I saw more Asians than Whites. My neighbors were Chinese and Indians. The malls had few Whites. The Whites I saw were hooking up with Asians.I saw a lot of interracial families. I thought to myself, darn, Whites are really losing the country. 

So Whites are losing the country and Trump is going to campaign on that fear. But what is he doing to give Whites the country back? Is he going to invest in White education so that Whites can claim Silicon Valley? Is he going to curb the opiod crisis that is destroying the White race? Is he going to advocate for White births? What is he going to do?

Trump has made Illhan Omar the face of White fear. She is the weakest link in the Democratic party and Trump is banking on the idea that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. He may win his reelection but he is going to do global damage to the White race as African leaders use his chant of send them back to advocate for the removal of Whites from their territories. He may send Europe in chaos as Whites echo the chant of send them back seeking the removal of non-white immigrants. It is not the kind of message global leaders want to hear, but unfortunatelly it is a fire about to be in full blaze started by a Race Baiting match that wasn't intended to do such magnitude of damage.

User Comments

Can he win Yes! {#basic-laugh.gif}

We it cost my party in the future....it already has and will continue to, as there is no longer a Republican Party....it is now the Trump Party and you can like or leave it!

It is a Party that is more Nationalist than Conservative.....and frankly there are enough people in the correct States who feel that way to ensure an electoral college win!

Fear trumps a lot of other emotions.....and people will vote their fears over logic everytime!{#basic-laugh.gif}

By the way....4 Congresswomen who have been in Congress for 6 months as far as Trump and his supporters are concerned control the Democratic Party, even though they have not gotten a single bill passed!   But people believe him!

As I said...fear makes you believe illogical stuff!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Believe it or not, Whites will return to the Republican Party and fit right in after Trump leaves, unless another Trump comes along. That fear is real, but it will only go away if they remain the majority. 

They are pawns on the board, but Trump is framing them as the most important pieces and as the future of the Democratic party in that way he won't have to talk about the important issues.

I actually today starting looking at what the Republican Party would look like if Trump were not reelected!

I think you are right....it will go back to what it was before he came!{#basic-laugh.gif}

exactly writer....pawns, who don't have a clue what they have gotten themselves into.  Will be doing a Post on Omar later today....very interesting individual! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Hi, guys!

It is incredibly fascinating how easily you homogenized Trump voters! Next to nobody that I know of cares at all about a person's race, color or gender; if they oppose an Obama or a Hillary, they oppose them because they are advocates of rancid immorality; both individuals represent things Satanic. If people refuse to vote for a pro-life Democrat, it is because they know the Democratic Party will negate/neuter them, and they will not publicly condemn the murderous platform of the Democrat Party. If Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Carly Fiorina, - or any such people, of such moral temperaments, were to win the GOP nomination for POTUS, they would get nearly GOP voter's vote because of their moral world view and because what issues those views circumscribe for advocation... That you choose to make things about the accidents of race, sex, national origin is immoral; it is the very thing that people do when then treat all people of a particular gender as homogenous; all people of a particular race as if they were their race/color. Moral beings are individual beings; each comes with likes, and dislikes; each is possessed of moral outlooks, some correct, some incorrect; treating humans as homogenous entities rob them of their moral dignity; it reduces them to 'blocks-of-wood.' Such errors of thought are generally the corollaries of sentimentality...

Cordially, tjd 

Tjd how can it not be about Race when Trump singles out 4 Black Congresswomen and distort the things they say? Why will it be wrong to brand some of his base as White Supremacists? Sure some of his base cares about abortion, but some are also White Supremacists. We treat people by what they say and do, so if they didn't say "lock her up," we would not have been blogging about the racial impact of the statement.


Hello again, Writer!


How is a truth e.g., 2 + 2= 4 altered if it is uttered by a red person, a white person, a black person, a yellow person, a brown person? Answer: Each person that utters such a truth, speaks as convincingly as any other; their color/race matters not at all! Similarly, if a bad judgment (or perhaps a lie; note lies are known to be a misrepresentation of the facts - or of reality - by those which utter them; a bad judgment results when an individual judges facts/reality incorrectly) attends a white person's claim, a black person's claim, a red person's claim, a yellow person's claim, a brown person's claim then they are equally wrong; it doesn't matter which color, or what race in which they participate...


You may brand people whatever you so desire, but as one mischaracterizes others one is maligning those people... The tendency to characterize others as racists, sexists, misogynists is a result of this culture - and the dominant worldview - reducing humans to 4 -dimensional blocks of wood i.e., soulless sentient beings, rather than sentient beings; those of us which engage is such labeling have been conditioned to do so by the organizers of this culture i.e., by the behavioral scientists. An unspoken rule among behaviorist is that: 'only behaviorists may think; all others are 'processes of stimulus-and-response.'


Regarding your assertion that: “We treat people by what they say and do, so if they didn't say "lock her up," we would not have been blogging about the racial impact of the statement.” It seems to me you are confusing Hillary Clinton* with the 4 Congresswomen…? I believe those chants were “send them back to their own country,” but you may correct me if I am in error…?


* Hillary who was prima facie guilty of National Security violations (if she was actually investigated and held to the law, the trial would have determined her punishment, because the statute/law related to National Security only requires an individual to violate the law; the degree of intent, determines the punishment; because she knew the law – as all Federal employees know the law – he punishment would have been quite severe! She was not prosecuted, because Obama was involved in the same violations of the same laws… He communicated with her by a pseudo-name on top-secret matters over a non-secured server…


 Cordially, tjd

You lost me with your response. I didn't really understand most of it, but the Congresswomen are U.S. Citizens. Trump was engaging in race baiting. He himself said he was uncomfortable with the chants of send them back. 

Hi, Writer!

And I do not understand how one "race-bait's" I think it is a term to move the argument from a moral argument, to an emotional argument. The same thing is done by abortion advocates; they cannot discuss the act of abortion - which is murder - so they attack the life advocates - making them into monsters, than want to force women to suffer 'back-alley" abortions and such things; Anything to avoid discussing the act of murdering an intrauterine baby... PLease explain to me how one race-baits; I cannot address a concept which is foreign to me...

Cordially, tjd

As a White person Tj, you ever had a Black person tell you to go back to your country or go back to Europe? We always hear Whites say, go back to your country, go back to Africa. We consider those statements race-baiting. 

.. President Trump is not a race baiter. If I ever saw a race baiter it was Obama he did a bang up job for the Uber left in control of us all. That means the 1% that control it all. Question of race was brought back into the limelight in fact by your Obama. I hope you live a long life writer,because what’s coming from the left once they do get power again is going to bring down this country. And if socialism is going to be voted in one day ,By the left,God help us all., President Trump is a businessman, America is a big business. He will win in 2020!yep! Off-topic but one of the biggest racists of all time was one of the beloved savior of the left radical wings ,,Margaret Sanger.


From the mouth of a White Republican who knows Trump. What he did with the 4 Congresswomen was race-baiting. Trump has a good chance of winning his re-election. I was just disappointed that he race-bait because it was unnecessary.

Hi, again Writer! 

So Graham of 2019 doesn't agree with Graham of 2015! Thank you helping understand race-baiting, Writer; I've come to understand it as a claim made by ideologues against a moral action or claim, which cannot be addressed head on, because those which accuse others of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, nativism, et al cannot make an moral argument against their opposition; therefore those with weak aguments attempt to distract from their weak claims by vilifying those with forceful advocacies/claims...

Cordially, tjd

.. The congress women are against what America stands for. They are puppets of the elite and Trump along with over half of America know it . They are dangerous women that speak a bad message in a great country.

That maybe so TJ but there is a saying do unto others as you will have them do unto you. We as Americans can learn from that message.

That's the beauty of freedom of speech, but today they will send back the congress women and tomorrow they will send back the White Supremacists, then they will send back the antisemites and the homophobes and the racists and pretty soon the country will be uninhabited.

On Graham of 2019 with Graham of 2015, It is interesting that Trump of 2015 is Trump of 2019 as predicted by Graham of 2015. There is a saying that when you see the evil you predicted manifest itself, condemn it. Let's see what Graham of 2019 does.

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