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Thought Eclipse - President Hillary Clinton? The Top 5 List. (Satire)

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 8:44am by Thewritertwo

There was a time when Hillary Clinton could have been president. I'm not sure when that time was and for how long it lasted. Maybe it was after Bill Clinton left the presidency. Maybe it was when Americans said, "But wait, all we had are White males as President, should we diversify a little?" And America did make a change. They moved down the ladder of the chain of potential presidents and instead of going to Number Two on the list, they went straight to Number 4. They went straight to the Black male, the Number 4 on the list. Why did America make the jump from Number 1 to Number 4? We got tired of bullies. Hillary Clinton had the bully mentality. She is the kind of woman who will watch you eating your lunch and snatch it away from you - "Give me that." She felt entitled. But Hillary is not done yet and whoever is running on the Democratic side can expect to be bullied by a raging Hillary. While the rest of America has moved on, Hillary is still stuck at the moment when ourthoughts were in eclipse when we all thought that we needed a woman's president and Hillary Clinton was the first person that came to mind in the minds of 30 billion people all under one eclipse. You probably wondering when who is in the Top 5 of this very important list? Let me reveal it to you.

Number 1 - White Male

Number 2 - Hillary Clinton

Number 3 - Black Woman

Number 4 - Black Male

Number 5 - Toddler -Donald Trump

User Comments

When Biull Clinton was President, he was so busy with Monica, that he couldn't get anything done.  Lets face it, Hilary wads acting as President then, and ewe had her for two terms, she shouldn't be qallowed to run again.

Before you say anything here, I know, the Democatic's don't see it that way.

My wife said the same thing that she was running things when Bill was president. 

My goodness, look at those typo's.  I'm glad you were able to make out what I said, lol!

Haha. I was thinking, that's unlike you. Maybe a little too much alcohol? Just kidding.

I know you're kidding, it was more like not paying attention while I was typing, lol!

Wonderful analysis of the real Hillary!!!  Also I think a lot of people failed to understand what really happened in 2008!

Personally I do not think Hillary would have beaten McCain.  I also think McCain would not have picked Palen as his running mate if he were running against Hillary.  At that time I said I did not think America was ready for a #4 as President....I was wrong apparently! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I am still ready to forecast that America is not ready for a #2 or #3 as President.....which means we will be electing a #1 as President in 2020.

P.S. I do not believe Trump will run again in 2020!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Not only will Trump run, he will beat any Democrat in a landslide. The Democrats have nothing going for them but hate for Trump and idiotic socialists! Most Americans will not accept either of those. We saw how badly Hillary lost once. I would love to see her nominated again....So would Trump!

Thanks, Winning.  

The Democrats may one day convince everyone that Democratic Socialism is the way forward. It used to be a closet philosophy, but now it is becoming the reality.

Not everyone! They may actually start Civil War 2.0!

And, remember, Democratic Socialism was the politics in 1930's Germany which led to Naziism! Today, Socialism leads to Communism!

That's true. There needs to be a balance when it comes to corporate greed otherwise the country will go down the drain as everyone gets priced out.

Nomad there are only 2 Democratic Socialist out there....Sanders and the Ocasio-Cortez and neither will be running for President in 2020!

It would be a tragic mistake for the GOP to assume that the Dems will run one of those two!  

Its probably going to be either Biden or that Beto guy!  Everyone else that you hear about are in the VP pool and for the GOP to think otherwise will be like hinding your head in the sand!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Why don't the Dems (and the Repubs too) just choose their candidate based on who is the BEST QUALIFIED without regard to race, gender, religion, etc like they expect everyone ELSE to behave?  Or are they really going to do the affirmative action thing again when it comes to choosing a candidate, as you claim they did with Obama?

Re: Hillary.  My gawd, I thought that bitch was done.  She needs to finish up and go home already, ditto that to Pelosi.  (If Nancy has one more facelift her skull is gonna pop right outta her face.  She's as painful to look at as Trump, with his tangerine hair and pathetic combover.)


I don't think it comes down to who the people vote for, but both parties try to influence the voters.

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