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The Photograph - A Movie Review

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 7:13pm by Thewritertwo

The Photograph stars some of my favorite actors. Issa Rae plays Mae, the daughter of a famed photographer Christina, played by Chante Adams. Through flashbacks shown from letters Mae is reading from her deceased mother, we get a glimpse of how difficult life would have been for a talented photographer in the 70s as she tried to navigate her way from New Orleans to New York. LaKeith Stanfield plays Michael Block a reporter who is covering a story of the late Christina by interviewing her daughter Mae. We get to see a budding romance between them, even though they are aware that neither of them is good with relationships. We also get to see a passionate relationship between Christina and Isaac played by the younger Y'Ian Noel and the older Rob Morgan who are the standout actors in the film. The music stands out in the film and some of the sceneries are beautiful. Issa Raeis good eye candy as her sparkling white teeth and a magnetic smile can cause heart flutters. The Photograph is more suited for a Lifetime Channel movie. The plot is predictable and weak. The pace is slow. Lil Rel Howery brings the laugh to the script, but some of the main characters do and say things that throw them out of character. None of the scenes are developed to give us a strong emotional impact that will make us care about the characters. The good news is that it is Valentine's Day and The Photograph will be the most romantic film out.

The Photograph (2020)

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