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Social Distancing Gone Wrong

Added: Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 9:11am by Thewritertwo

I'm an introvert, so I have no problem with social distancing, but when I'm out things happen.

I popped over to the post office to mail a signed copy of my book to a client and realized that only one person at a time was allowed into the post office. I stood in the lobby and by natural habit, i paced a few steps at a time. It was then I heard a voice said, "You're only allowed 6 feet away from me." She pointed to a sign I didn't see and didn't care to read.

I wanted to say, "For someone who seemed to enjoy an extra meal and had one too many cookies, I don't think you are the best advocate when it comes to paying attention to signs." But, I kept quiet. I didn't want to upset my heavy-set lobby-stander with her legs stuck high in her waistline. So I kept quiet.

Social distancing to a virus that doesn't care about social distancing and one that none of us knows how long it will stick around for and how fatal it's going to be. It is the kind of virus that I tend to ignore. If you can't give me answers, I am going about my normal business until you can. I only believe in death when I die and when i see the government roll out a 2 trillion dollar bail out over a week of work stoppage. It is then I realize, boy this country is expensive to repair. If it was a car, I would have said dump it. Two trillion, are you kidding me? If my medical bill is going to be two trillion, I will be saying, "No thanks. I will figure it out on my own." These people will leave Bernie Saunders scratching his head saying, "Why, didn't I thought of that?"

User Comments

All this is just a bandage Writer. Is everything the Government doing or going to do help, except the drugs they are test on the virus? We will have to do the best we can with what we have. Bro. Doc

Yes. Only the cure will help. Everything else is just temporary until the next wave of the virus hits.

IF we get a handle on this soon, and the meds, there might not be another wave. If people that know how to pray, we can cause this to reverse and be gone. Bro. Doc

There have been viruses for the past 10 years, but this is the first time the media made such a fuss about it.

Now, is the media making a fuse because the liberals are getting on them if they don't. And is all the information from the media, really the true story. Or is all or most of this done to try to put Pres. Trump in a bad light? Bro. Doc

The true story? What about the WHO director?

To be honest Scott, I haven't paid one bit of attention too him, because I know he is not on the right path at all. He is messed up. I think lots of people understand the WHO director is messed up. Lots of people Scott,  take the word of the Media as the gospel when lots of the time they are so messed up. Bro. Doc

The media doesn't factor in for me. I don't need them to know what he's said, or what he's been wrong about. Fact is, this country does follow the lead of the WHO whether people like it not...  so, people would be wise to pay attention. Not doing so is why we're in this mess. They keep doing this and because we're not paying attention, they do it again...

With so much fake news Scott, what is truth and what is fiction. Same goes for the WHO Director. I tend to get my news from other places. Not NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox etc. There are other places like the BBC or something like that too get news from. I listen to the local news to. But I see your point also. Take care. Bro. Doc

Nothing I'm saying has anything to do with the NEWS. I'm telling you that your government, no matter which party is in power, will take their word for it as the bottom line. They are the final authority. So, to know how our Government is getting it wrong, is to know what puppets like him are saying - straight from the horses mouth, not NBC...

I discovered this through alternative media, and just two days ago it finally made it to the MSM. I didn't care at that point.

This is why I want us out of the UN. If we're not in, then the WHO isn't the authority.

I understand what your saying Scott. The UN is a laughing joke. Should have been out of there long ago. Bro. Doc

Yes I agree Bro Docs.... years ago, if not decades

U see this?

American population: 330,483,530

Stimulus bill: $2,000,000,000,000

Dividing the cost by every person in America is $6,051.74.

The government could have given every person over $6,000, but instead will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income.

Because bailouts.

I didn't see that. They like the good crooks who robbed the bank and hand out tips to the clerk.

Just another robbery.... bigger than 08 bailouts.

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