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Should There Be A Vasectomy Outrage Similar To Abortion? Why Not?

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 11:35am by Thewritertwo

I was 42 when I missed my appointment to have a vasectomy. I had been married to my second wife who felt she had her fair share of quota when it came to children. She had two boys one 18 and the other 8 at the time. I didn't have kids on my own and had given up on the idea. Three months after the missed appointment, we found out we were having a child. I was so ecstatic that I was going to be a father that I viewed my missed appointment as a miracle from God. We welcomed a healthy 9 1/2 lb daughter into the world. A year later, I carried out the vasectomy. The only question I remember the doctors asking was how old I was. I am now wondering if there is a restriction on male wanting a vasectomy.

I consider myself very lucky. Years before I was married, I had lived a life filled with the most gratifying sex with multiple women. The only break I took were the times I got serious about religion and turned away some of the beautiful women who came after me. My sexual journey was stressful because many times I had to take a pause wondering for months if one of my girlfriends I no longer liked were pregnant. Luckily, it never happened.

My step-son who is in his 20s and budding professional photographer is not that lucky. He is now twice with child with two different women all wanna be models. I remember when he was expecting his first child how involved his mom was making way for her grand daughter buying clothes and all kind of stuff. Once she realized that this might be a habit of his, she eased her involvement. Now everyone is looking at him like, "What the hells wrong with you?" To make matters worst, his first Baby Mama is not giving him access to his child. 

Getting a vasectomy makes me wonder if I had disposed of an entire generation of my potential babies? Well, not really. I wasn't planning on cheating and my wife didn't want more babies. Still, I wonder in this present state of a depleted birth rate in the country if I should feel guilty about my vasectomy? I can't even lend a hand if the government all of a sudden decide to force people into having babies. Can the government do that?

So while there is an outrage on women having abortions, shouldn't there be an outrage on men who choose to have vasectomy? With abortion one potential baby is terminated, but with a vasectomy it potentially wipes a generation of potential babies. What's your thoughts?

User Comments

a vasectomy is a mans choice, sadly, they are trying to make abortions a mans choice as well. So, big difference, apples and oranges. 

Interesting JJ. Let look at another angle. Will it be a woman's choice if she decides to have a hysterectomy because she doesn't want kids? Should all these be viewed through the moral lense as an abortion or should it be viewed differently?

most women don't have a hysterectomy on a whim... usually it is because of a health issue... my wifes was at 22.

To prevent a pregnancy, most have their tubes tied. Still, a womans choice, which seems to me you really don't give a fuck about. 

Yes. You are right. I actually meant tying the tube. My first wife had a hysterectomy for health reason also. The fight for abortion is basically over the killing of the unborn on their way to be born.  

To me, the main difference between abortion and vasectomy is the presence of another person, the baby. Sperm and eggs are part of our independent bodies and are at our personal choices to use. But a baby in the womb is a separate person and cannot  give it's consent. That would make abortion murder.

I see your point. Thanks for sharing that so clearly Us2nomads.

In addition, writer, sperm only contain half the DNA required to create a human, so I have no moral qualms about vasectomies, tube tying, or any other form of birth control.

Birth control prevents abortion, any way you slice it.  For those with religious objections to birth control I'd simply suggest they approach it like they did this last election and support the 'lesser of two weevils.'



Haha. The lesser of two evils. I agree with you on that. I never realize before this whole thing blew how vulnerable humanity is. I see a day coming when female eggs will be frozen and men sperms and the government will impregnate on a needs basis. Or maybe we will all be replaced by robots?

One can always hope, hahah!

Back in the 70's and 80's Dr. tried to talk the person into waiting to have a Vasectomy before the age of 40.

I don't know how it is today.  A Vasectomy or Tubal Legation should be up to the person having it.

That's a good point because they did ask the question of age. I believe it was a key factor in their decision to do the procedure. 

A vasectomy should be your choice. An abortion should be a woman's choice.

I think the emotional consequences of both is the ultimate challenge in both cases. I luckily had my daughter before the vasectomy and she is everything I live for. 

Shooting blanks and dead children are totally different, if a guy does not want children getting fixed is not interfering with anything excpet child support payments, women should choose before there is a life growing inside of her...

Good point. Thanks.

Don't get me wrong, I think there should be fewer abortions for sure (the termination of an unborn child's life is never desireable). 

I agree.

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