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P Andrew And The Royal Family

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, November 19th 2019 at 8:28am by Thewritertwo

The blog contains obscenities and offensive language. It is for humor purposes. Enter at your own risk.


The Royal family, don't you love these motherfuckers? A bunch of lazy good-for-nothing knitwits sitting around on a throne and having an entire country take care of them. Talking about Bernie Saunders, that's just the kind of people he is routing for, a country with a bunch of lazy entitled motherfuckers who don't want to work a day in their life. Poor Queen Elizabeth, in her twilight years, no one is trying to let her die in peace thanks to her screwed up offsprings. It all started with Prince Charles and his dumb decision to marry Diana, a decision so dumb that it almost resulted in a Muslim future king of England. Can you imagine a Muslim king of England? Yes, Princess Diana had planned to dump Charles and marry a Muslim. It almost gave the Queen high blood pressure. When she should have been enjoying her permanent retirement, she had to spend long hours standing in her living room, leaning over a chair, planning a murder. Now, she is a powerful woman, so if she wants to killyou, she could wait until you're asleep, come over to your side of the bed and beat you over your fucking head with a bloody hammer. All she had to say in her defense was that she had a momentarily lapse in her dementia. Luckily for her, she didn't have to use her executive powers to get rid of Princess Diana as a bunch of hooligans did it for her.

As if Princess Diana wasn't enough for the queen, now she has to deal with Meghan Markle. Folks if there are two people who are suffering in this life right now, it is Queen Elizabeth, and Donald Trump. Think about it, ever since he became president, these Democrats have been hounding Donald Trump like a swam of bees and they wouldn't stop until he drops dead of a heart attack. The only how Trump can survive the shit that they are trying to do to him is to not give a fuck. Just ignore those motherfuckers. It is a little more complicated for Queen Elizabeth, it is way more complicated. You see, the Democrats don't really hate Trump, they are just power hungry motherfuckers. If they really hated Trump, they would have gotten him a long time ago when he was begging, robbing, and cheating people on his way to building his empire. They don't hate Trump, they just want him out of office. These Democrats are worst than the NFL player who took off a helmet and beat his opponent over thehead and got it over with. These Democrats are involved in mental torture and they have the backing of the media. Can you imagine being the president and every morning, every minute, every hour of the fucking day, there is a negative story being printed on your soon-to-never come fucking demise? That is mental torture. With Queen Elizabeth, its different, one false move and she could have a Black woman on the throne. Yes, one false move and by the stroke of luck, you could end up with Queen Meghan Markle. She has already pissed of the people of Sussex, by acclaiming the title of Duchess, but wouldn't it be something if she pissed off the entire country of England by becoming queen? I can see the headlines, "England's First Niggar Queen - London's Burning."

The Queen has a heavier responsibility than Trump. She has to protect the legacy of a White Britain, and these worthless motherfucking grand kids are not making it an easy fucking task. Have you noticed how Harry and Markle are skipping Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with the queen? They know. These motherfuckers are quite aware. Meghan will be cutting her steak with a knife and fork chewing happily on a cyanide season juicy steak and enjoying every bite until her throat catches afire and she gasps her lasting fucking breath. And if you think Harry can save her, at the same time the same shit will be happening to him, William, Middleton, and then finally Andrew. She will kill the whole bunch of those motherfuckers before they ruin the entire Royal family. Talking about Andrew, have you seen that motherfucker lately? Did you see the unauthorized interview he gave right in the fucking palace while the queen was taking a nap. If she had only known, she would have run down with ashotgun and blast those motherfuckers. What a moron that fucking P Andrew. And don't get me wrong, I think Andrew is trying his best to tell the truth, he is just fucking lying in the process. How are you going to ask a pedophile about things that happened more than 10 years ago and expect him to remember? It's like meeting up with a mugger who robbed a woman in Times Square and snatched her fucking handbag to admit that he knew her name, her age, her fucking address, and the location of the fucking robbery. It's not going to happen. He has robbed too many people during that time frame to remember names, places, and time. So it is with P Andrew. He has been fucking too many people on Epstein's island to remember names. faces, place, and time. What a fucking asshole this P Andrew is. You will think that if he is doing that shit, the least he could do is wear a mask, or put one over his victims face. Even if he wore a condom over his head and fucked them with his nose, a disguised wouldhave been necessary. It makes me wonder if this naive motherfucker was trying to make his victims like him. I could imagine him introducing himself, "Hi, I'm Andrew, and I am your pedophile tour guide on your visit to Epstein's island. Enjoy your stay." That motherfucker was even posing for selfies and he is trying to pretend that he never met the individual. That's because a pedophile just like a mugger only thinks of one thing. In the case of the mugger, he thinks of the purse. In the case of the pedophile, he thinks of the pussy. Andrew never denied sleeping with Virginia, he just don't know who she is that's because, all he remembers seeing was her pussy. I'm out of here.


User Comments

1.  It sound's like you blame Princess Diana, for the so-called divorce.  Sorry, but Prince Charles is to blame.  His years of cheating on her with Camilla.  And, she just started dating, the guy you claim as Muslim, when she, and her date were both killed in a car accident, which was caused by a journalist, wanting to get their picture, or paparazzi.

2. Megan Markle will never become queen.  She's too far down the line, to ever make it to the throne.  Prince Charles gave up his right to the throne, when he divorced Princess Diana, and Married Carmella.  Next in line is Prince William, but His Wife Kate will not be queen.  She, like Megan Markle, is a Duchess.  Prince Harry, is something like the 10th, or 11th, in line for the throne.

3.  Lol!  Prince Andrew is the naughty boy, hum?  Did he really force himself on the accuser, or not?  It could be that the, "Me too," media is out to bite royalty in the butt.  In other words, there is absolutely no proof, that he did what he's accused of.  And until there is proof, I'm just not going to believe.

I hear you Ellie. Thanks for your input. This is just stand up humor that I'm practicing. None of it is necessarily true. It's just humor.

Standup Humor, and I never caught it, lol!  I'll remember that next time!

By the way, it was well written.

Thanks. I learning the craft. Going to do a course at the Improv before I start hitting the stage.

Ahhh... now I understand the sudden change from the nice guy to the F-bomb dropping guy... Standup. Hmm, true comedians don't need the foul language. 

I think I will get better at it. It's kind of messy now, but hopefully I will get professional to the point where I won't have to curse so much. The name of my act is "How To Lose Friends And Piss Off People."

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