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I Dated A Snorter

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 16th 2019 at 3:53pm by Thewritertwo

The post contains offensive and explicit language. It is meant for a Stand Up Comedy routine. If you are easily offended this is your opportunity to leave.

Are any of you in the audience a Snorter? I’m not talking about cocaine, so no need to get nervous. I’m not going to call the cops on you. You don’t have to worry about we Black folks, we don’t call the cops anymore. We fear those motherfuckers. They always assume that we’re the bad guys. They could show up and watch us being strung up by a bunch of white guys and they would say, “Yeah, he bad, he must have done something to deserve it. “ So any snorters in the house? I know you are too embarrassed to admit you are a motherfucking loud ass snorter. Let me ask a general question. Have you ever dated a snorter? I have.

I dated this snorter, and I didn’t realize it. We were even working together and it didn’t dawn on me that she was a snorter. The first time I found out, we were about to have sex. She snorted so loud and so big that her narrowly straight Caucasian nostril suddenly became African American. It became big and fucking broad. It became so fucking big that when I steered into it, I saw her pussy. It was so fucking big that I saw Harriet Tubman and ten fucking niggars hiding in it. It was like watching the Underground Railroad. Harriet Fucking Tubman  have you seen the movie? What a fucking shame. It always takes some White men to distort history, whitewash it and have everyone confused. Yes, they had a Black producer, but these White men were telling her what to say. And she had better do it if she wanted to get fucking paid. Think about the fucking audacity of white people to show the villaininHarriet Tubman as black ruthless motherfucker hunting down black people and slaughtering them. They do that shit to contaminate history so that generations down the line they can say, “See? We didn’t do it. Niggars have been killing their own.”

It’s hard being a black man dating a white woman. You always have to explain to your friends, family, and acquaintances why you are doing it. And in my case, she was older than me, so it felt like I was dating my white mother. So why are you dating an older white woman? Because I like her pussy, I replied politely. Is that a good enough answer for you?

I would have married her, but I could stand the snorting. It always took me off guard. I always had to be cautious in case Harriet Tubman and the ten niggars jumped out of her nostrils and tried to strangle me. I’m out of here. 

User Comments

lmao I only wish you would have been doing this when more people were here. I'd pay good money to see heads explode.

You know, the mistake I made in life is hanging around a bunch of Christians and fucking Democrats trying to convince myself that I was one of them. I always had a wacky way of seeing things. I am the kind of guy who could spend the whole day byself just laughing at the shit that goes through my mind. I decided to become fully me. I am not holding back. The only blog I will hold back is the one about my ex wife who cheated on me with a guy with a dick size that was twice my own. Shit is too funny and embarrassing for me to post. I will one day auction it to the highest bidder.

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