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Defending the Kurds

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, November 17th 2019 at 10:40am by Thewritertwo
This blog contains deeply offensive, explicit language. If you are easily offended, this blog is not for you. If you like humor, read on.

I’m always taken aback by America’s love for the Kurds. I mean, who are these people? Who are these motherfuckers? I try to imagine myself having my day in court, having to defend the Kurds. My testimony will decide whether we protect them or leave them to be slaughtered as some may fear. Now I’m the type of guy who may not know who the fuck you are, but if you come up to me and tell me, “please protect me, they’re trying to kill me.” I will do everything in my power to protect you. I will protect everyone except a drowning motherfucker. Why?Niggar I can’t swim.
 I grew up around a lot of water, but I can’t fucking swim. I used to try to fucking swim, but Jaws did me in. I have been tormented by Jaws since the fucking 80s. Not so much by the shark itself, but by the soundtrack. Have you heard it? Boodum Boodum Boodum just before the whole screen turn red and the screams of a dying motherfucker fills the room. So I will have my day in court if it is going to protect a Kurd or two. 
That morning I put on my best suit and standing in front of the judge. I put my hand on the Bible and swear to tell the lie, the whole lie and nothing but the motherfucking lie. The judge asked, Sir, how long have you known the Kurds?
 My response, “The who?”
 The Judge response, “The Kurds.”
 Me: I’ve been knowing them a long time your honor. Growing up, they used to accompany Santa Claus on Christmas. Santa always picked up a few of those motherfuckers stranded at the North-pole. He called them refugees. They were hungry greedy morherfuckers. They would come and eat all our food and steal all our toys. 
Judge: What on earth are you talking about? Are you sure you know the Kurds?

 My response, “The who?”
 The judges response, “For god sake, the Kurds. 
Oh yes your honor, the Kurds. You know they once gave me a job on their board? Paid me a lot of money to give them advice. 
Judge: What kind of advice?
 Me: Advice on how to cross the Southern border and how to join a caravan and how to avoid ICE. Judge, “So you accepted a job on their board even if you had no experience in any of this shit? Sort of like Hunter Biden? 
Me: The Who?
 Judge: Hunter Biden. 
Me: Your honor, was he a Kurd?
 Judge: No dickhead, he was a Biden. 
Me: Oh no your honor, I’ve never hunted a Biden. I will never do that to a Kurd. I will never hurt those little Kurds with a Biden.
 Judge: Get this fool out of here. I sentence the Kurds to death.
 Me: Oh know your honor, not the Kurds, not the poor little Kurds. Leave them your honor. Take me instead. I’m out of here. 

User Comments

That would indeed be enough to make most judges lose their shit.

You know, I've never once woke up in the morning and wondered to myself, "how the Kurds are doing? There is not one Kurdish whose name I know. Should I really care about these motherfuckers?

Man, I do feel the for proxies this country has used over the years. Few screw people over like Uncle Sam... but that's because we're the biggest employer. This is how we create enemies tho...

That said, we should not allow these warmongering fucks do this shit in the first place. They don't care what we think... they have all the weapons :D

I think as more citizens become aware of their bullshit, they will disappear, but they are not afraid to pull some of the most terrorizing stuff to keep people in bondage.

I think the sickest in that clique would just rather see us all dead.

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