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A Fall From Grace - A Movie Review

Added: Saturday, January 18th 2020 at 7:53pm by Thewritertwo

Crystal Fox in A Fall from Grace (2020)

A Fall From Grace - A Movie Review.

Tyler Perry takes us on a dark journey of twist and turns on "A Fall From Grace." Crystal Fox plays Grace, a woman who is convinced that she has committed a murder, one that would have been for good reason, or is she even convinced? The plot from "A Fall From Grace" will appear to be straight forward as a middle-aged divorced woman falls for the courtship of her patient younger handsome lover Shannon played by Mehcad Brooks. The young gifted artist Shannon receives accolades for his artwork and seems to be the perfect catch for an unworthy given-up on love Grace. In the heat of passion, we watch Grace's world go from a rollercoaster high to one where the wheels come tumbling off. Now she is confessing to murder and as we watch the young lawyer and public defender Jasmine played by Bresha Webb prepare her statement, we are hoping that she finds a reason to takethe case to trial instead.
"A Fall From Grace" is cunning and takes a bold approach to its twist and turns and I have to admit that I thought I knew where it was going, but was blindsided by the angle it took. I found myself playing back scenes that I had noticed at the beginning that should have been signs of things to come. "A Fall From Grace" will also have you looking for holes in the plot and you may find a forgiving few as the intensity of this just under 2 hours ride will keep you intrigued throughout the journey.
With a great cast that includes Phylicia Rashad, Cicely Tyson, and Tyler Perry "A Fall From Grace" is the kind of movie that makes Netflix the place to hang out in the comfort of your own space and get lost in the world of movies.
I give "A Fall From Grace" 4 Stars out of 5.

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