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How did St. Patricks Day become this way?

Added: Thursday, March 17th 2011 at 1:32pm by Speedie10

There is always something to celebrate every month of the year. Each has their own special meaning but all seem to pertain to the fortune of good life. Though, has society changed the true meaning of these special days? I think so. December is supposed to be about the birth of Christ, it is now known for the giving of presents. People get so excited for the month of March where they get the day off of work to wear lots of green and drink lots of alcohol. St. Patrick’s Day was created in respect to a beloved man in Ireland and I believe every March 17th he rolls in his grave to the way we celebrate him today.


St. Patrick was a man of religion. The uncertain story is that he was a bishop of Ireland that helped people become an idol of god. He is known for bringing Christianity to Ireland where he would help bad people become good. After his death on, what is believed to be, March 17th catholic churched would worship his life and dedication to god. March 17th started as the day of spiritual renewals and prayers for missionaries around the world.  They use to show the color blue symbolizing his cloths, but now is green for the Shamrock. The shamrock is symbolic because St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the teaching of Christ. Today March 17th is known as the drinking holiday where green is known for pinching and the shamrock for a fashion statement.


I think St. Patrick would be very disappointed at how people are remembering him today. I understand how people can think bigger the party means the more we think and respect him, but how did it become the drinking holiday? When a person dies, close friends usually celebrate their life by doing something that the person loved to do. St. Patrick has no comparison to drinking. I think the acts of our drinking and partying makes him roll in his grave, for everything that people do and show on March 17th has no comparison to St. Patrick and his beliefs.  

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