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FBIs most wanted…

Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 3:35pm by Scarly666
Related Tags: childrens poetry

User Comments

Dirty words and tits are enough for a life sentence.

I can't get my head around that, who doesn't like tits - even women like tits and we are all mental! 

Sound like a really dangerous criminal type...making fun of the man in the White House currently should be a capital offense...if you doubt that, just ask him.


I'm so dangerous, I can bench at least four bags of groceries and if provoked I swear, so they'd better get the Navy seals in on this the FBI don't have the firepower. 

Yep....the FBI wouldn't be able handle those groceries.

The real clincher though, I think I wrote this somewhere is if they did ring the FBI - its actually the CIA who deal with external threats if I'm right. 

I think if it in inside the US, it is the FBI, if outside of the nation, it is CIA.

So, you would be investigated by the CIA if anybody really took their complaint seriously, which I totally doubt.

I already have dealings with the military becuase of the work I do, so I doubt they'd do more than laugh. 

Yeah, I don't think anybody that is using their brain even thinks you meant literally any of it to begin with...so CIA/FBI would laugh in their faces.

Yeah see I wonder tho, those two mental old bats really don't get the joke, I'd hate to be a fed imagine all the calls you'd get -

My neighbour's cat is a communist, it's working for the Illuminati and trying to send me signals on 5G! 

See, your neighbor's cat is dangerous....and this is why the Illuminati and 5g are such bad, bad things.  /snark

Oh yeah have to be on the look out for insane conspiracy while the real one goes on in plain sight. It's bright orange too - weird. 


I'm afraid I'm going to have to put you in handcuffs.  I'm not the police, I'm just kinky.

It's about bloody time! Hurry up and get your dick out! 

Um. Tits are so-so. What are they for? No, really, what are they for? And myself being a man, why the fuck do I have nipples?

And why do other man have nipples except to make me screamingly gay 4ever?

Nippies are fun! Even man nipples. 

Guy with rectal dictionary might be a lovely man. I think he is. I want to turn him out. Unless he's a woman irl and then he can politely...tit off or whatever it is that women do.

Haha! I think he's a guy? Good luck with your new mission, I'll expect updates. 

We have a non-gender specific exit - the piss off thing. 

"Tit off" make it your own + the dominion of other women. Why not?

I'll tit my way to power, tit off to the loo - ok it's a nice fit. 


I'm wondering if he's a far-too-reticent "bisexual" or "homosexual".

Bi is way too non-committal I'll guess it's all or nothing. 

They will never get you--too smart for the FBI!!!

Those geniuses over at the women's KKK auxiliary army aren't too bright, the FBI is FEDERAL - us foreign types are dealt with by the CIA, so I'm safe so far.  

wilfully causing butthurt.....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

Sometimes I get dizzy trying to actually talk to these people, it's like you have to have a lobotomy to do it. Not the ones on here, but on another blog - you know the ones. Ouch how do people actually cope with being so thick? 

you tell me and we'll both know...{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

I dunno how you do it, it's wearing thin on me. 

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