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Pay Attention Stupid

Added: Monday, April 15th 2019 at 9:29am by RumpledForeskin
Related Tags: christianity, faith, religion

Pay attention stupid. First off, contrary to your assertion religious 'nones' do NOT outnumber Catholics and Evangelicals combined. (1) You have either not done your research or, as usual, a lie simply serves you better.

"According to just released 2018 data from the General Social Survey, “Nones” are now the largest single “religious” demographic in the country (23.1%), statistically tied with Catholics (23.0%) and just above evangelical Christians (22.5%)." (2)

Now where I went to school 23.0 + 22.5 equals 55.5% placing these two demographics well above the 23.1% of the so-named 'nones.' Therefore, religious 'nones,' I repeat, do NOT outnumber Catholics and Evangelicals combined.

Secondly, about 7% of those who answer 'none' simply mean that they have no particular denominational affiliation. For example, many Christian churches are non-denominational and many who attend and worship in those churches answer 'none.' This means that the real number of 'nones' is actually close 16.1%. (3)

Due to several factors including the large influx of Hispanics and other ethnic group groups it is predicted that by 2050 'nones' will be in decline amidst a rapidly religious population is the USA and elsewhere. (4)

Worldwide we are seeing a rapid decline in secularism and a corresponding rise in religious identity. While atheists will rise from about 1 billion to 1.2 billion they will be swamped by the  rising tide of religion as we see a worldwide return to Nationalism and a return to large familes in religious homes. (5) (6) (7)

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(3) Pew Research


(4) Atheist Republic


(5) End of Secularism is near.


(6) The Return of Christendom


(7) Post Secular Age


User Comments

The Hispanics alone will increase the number of Catholics sharply, and is no one counting the Mormons?  They are the fastest growing religion in the world, or so I've read somewhere, approaching even the Catholics in regards to wealth and resources.

Nor were Orthodox or Copts or other churches counted in this study. Orthodoxy is surging in the USA.

Beingnobody is a shrill for the far left and for fake news.

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