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Hey governor Abbott,when you choke your chicken,you may be guilty of mass murder.

Controversial Content
Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 7:37am by RaggedmanReloaded

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Even if not with your covid policy, Abbot.


Over 1000 lives have been saved since the heartbeat law went into effect. You're the ones chocking babies to death. How does that make you feel? 

What you are saying is that ONLY  men have the power  to determine the rights to privacy for women and to  decide on a womans health issues.The children born out of rape and incest will be YOUR legacy,not mine.Better not let your girls and boys share a bedroom.You may have to eat a big shit load of humble pie,(if you can cough up a little humility).  

maybe he is fantasising about living in Gilead where women are completely and utterly subjugated.

The republican party is nothing but a bunch of misinformed idiots who are at the same level of greed,power hunger and evil as hitler,stalin and of course,their golden idol,trump.Our greatest enemy is not in a foreign country but right here in our homes,in our churches and in some  trusted leaders who were elected to serve and protect us.

the level of stupidity that allows them to continue being voted into office is mind-boggling to me.

The level of blind,stupid loyalty of  some of our elected local,state and federal officials  to trump and his corrupt cronies is what has caused the problems that Joe Biden is facing.He was elected president  in an honest and open election that the republicans are doing everything in their power to overturn,even to the point of treason.

Funny that you should bring that up....the idea of women totally subjugated to the will of the overarching shadow of toxic manhood.  There is a novel about this very thing called "The Handmaidens Tale" where some women are "less equal" than others and are just kept alive to be servants and as stock to bred with....literally keep them barefoot and pregnant under the substitute "boss" of the actual wife.

If you remember the demonstrations about trump in 2016 and early 2017, many women actually worn the handmaids red robe with a hood to illustrate the very real possiblity that a trumpian America would destroy the rights of women to control over their own bodies.

And guess what, the trumpians are still trying to do that...as evidence by Texas and this neanthethal that they call "gov'ner".

After he made those bragging remarks on camera about grabbing women in their nether regions and relating that he would date his daughter,if she was'nt his daughter,everyone said he would never be elected.Yet,a very surprising number of women republicans campaigned and voted for him.Go figure.Tramps for Trump,maybe?

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