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Why does the weather never make sense

Added: Monday, May 28th 2012 at 9:01am by Pr3ttyR3ckl355
Category: About Me

It's gone from really nice and sunny and beautiful to throwing it down with rain and thunderstorms. Why does the weather in england never make sense

Oh well. I guess there's nothing i can do about the weather i guess i'm going to continue to eat my skittles. Wish they had some more orange ones in here though. The whole pack seems to be full of green ones for some reason. Not too keen on the green ones.

Well, hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone


User Comments

Ahh but it's still absolutely boiling -.- Yeah whenever I get skittles it's all green and yellow Ones =(

I live in Carson City Nevada in the USA, they say if you don't like the weather here wait ten minutes and it will change.. so, yeah I can relate to what you're saying 

Fangio said it is around 90 degrees in his area---in England???????????  LOL

We have all week of 90s and I love it--suppose to get a storm tonight--bring it on--I love the way Mother Nature keeps us on our toes!

over here we're used to it being about 1 degree if not half of that so this weather is a bit of a punch in the face for us british people =]

Right now it is 89 degrees, sunny, almost cloudless and a breeze--in 5 hours we are suppose to be getting the outer bans of the storm Beryl which high winds, heavy rains and dark skies--I am always amazed at how things change so quickly!

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